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book review 89 //Alien

Finally got around to reading Alien by Alan Dean Foster. I have enjoyed this film so many times I couldn't actually believe that I had not read the novelization version. It is worth noting the film came before the book, not the other way around. Here are the stats.
Book Details
Title: Alien
Author: Alan Dean Foster
Publisher: Orbit (1992)
Type: Mass Paperback
Page Count: 253
Commercial Fluff: Based on the screenplay by Dan O'Bannon. The crew of the spaceship Nostromo wake from cryogenic sleep to distress signals from an unknown planet. One is attacked when they investigate a derelict alien craft. Safely on their way back to Sol, none foresee the real horror about to begin.
As mentioned this book was written due to the film being a massive success. First came the screenplay, then the movie and then the book. It's weird to think it didn't happen the other way around, which is the more traditional format. Got to be honest and say if you do not know the subject please go wat…

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