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Book Review 100 // The Sanguinalia Day Massacre by Justin D. Hill

Welcome to book 100, wow never thought I would complete that many book reviews on here but surprisingly I have! I wanted to do epic story for this review you know something like Lord of Rings or Dune but it turns out I just forgot what number I was on and instead I am now reviewing a 41 page Black Library Xmas Advent calendar story. Written by Justin D. Hill, I have high hopes as I really enjoyed Terminal Overkill. Let us dive in.Book DetailsTitle: The Sanguinalia Day MassacreAuthor: Justin D. HillPublisher: Black LibraryType: E-BookPage Count: 41Commercial Fluff: Every warrior has a story. For Thrax, who fights in the underhive death-pits, it is a tale of hardship, tragedy and murder. Discover it now…READ IT BECAUSEExperience a story told in an unusual way, as you'll learn the truth of Thrax's life and situation across a series of vignettes.THE STORYLife is hard in Necromunda's underhive. Is it any wonder that the blood-soaked spectacle of the pit fights is so popular? Fo…

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