Xenomorph/Alien/Bug Hunt

The Xenomorph (which translates to "strange form" from Greek) or the "Alien" is an extraterrestrial endoparasitoid species with multiple life cycles, possibly originating from the planet Proteus (also known as "Xenomorph Prime"). One of the deadliest alien species, these creatures require a host organism to reproduce. The appearance of the Xenomorph can vary depending on the host in which the Facehugger implants. The human phenotype is generally around 7–8 feet and roughly 136.0 to 181.4 kilograms in weight, with a long, muscular tail and large, curved, oblong head. The Queen of this species is generally twice as large (although some Queens have grown even more prominent, some surpassing 100 feet tall if given time) and possesses superior speed, strength and intelligence to their offspring.
My favourite and earliest memories are watching the film Alien, way before I should have and seeing this horrific alien torment a crew. It has stuck with me ever since and led me on a path to Games Workshop via Genestealers, which ultimately led me to the Aeldari and Iyanden. You just can't help to fear the darkness and something that reacts based purely on animal instinct.

Expect lots of reviews on this topic in the future.



Titan Books (Set between and Alien-Aliens)

Alien: Phalanx
Aliens: Bug Hunt-
Aliens vs. Predator: Prey


Movie Inspired



Batman vs Aliens - DC/Dark Horse
Batman vs Aliens 2 - DC/Dark Horse
Wild C.A.T.S vs Aliens - DC/Dark Horse
Aliens/Vampirella - Dark Horse/Dynamite


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