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A slow grow Youtube Project for Adventures with Peps. This will chart my adventures into the deep dark hive world of Necromunda. Wish me luck!

House Background

House Delaque benefits from a unique understanding with House Helmawr, providing not just materials but also information to the rulers of Necromunda. Delaque spies are said to operate throughout the hive, observing the activities of the other Houses. It is rumoured that some of the ruling family members of the Houses, and even some Noble Houses are in the pay of the Delaque. The history and hierarchy of House Delaque are all muddled in secrecy, with few knowing the truth.

The other Houses of Necromunda are understandably distrustful of the Delaques. Their look merely upholds the Delaque's long-standing reputation for swindling and espionage. Delaque gang members usually wear elongated jackets with deep interior pouches to conceal weapons and other such items. The bulk is very pale-skinned and bald-headed, with thin, soft, eerie voices. Most wear dark visors or other such devices to shelter their sensitive eyes. An intolerance of bright lights is known to be a common weakness of Delaques. Despite the entire hive being rather dim by usual standards, House Delaques territory is known to be particularly dark and shadowy. More perplexing is the House's domain, which is confusing and nearly invisible. Few know of the critical locations of House Delaque within the Hive.

There are many theories about the true nature of House Delaque, with some even speculating they are failed genetic experiments or a breed of Xenos. However, what is true is that all of its gang members hold an instinctive bond with one another to the point of communicating silently and over great distances with their own kind. Dubbed the Psychoterica, the origins of this gestalt mind are a mystery. Another truth is that the House is run by an elite inner nobility known as the Silent Ones, though none can say about their true nature.

The House's primary businesses revolve around espionage, information, and assassination. While individual Delaque members do not personally work in factories or scrap mines, they hold many such contracts and control large amounts of workers. Many individuals of Necromunda work for House Delaque and do not even know it.

The Gang



Ganger 1

Ganger 2


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