Welcome to the mean streets of Sector 102. This will become home to all the quick links for Judge Dredd Related Fun.

Judge Dredd/Strontium Dogs Miniature Game 
(Warlord Games)

Strontium Dogs - The Good, the Bad, the Mutie.
Painting of Street Judge Silar: Part 1 // Part 2 //
The Building of Dan Abnett Block: Part 1 //
The Gronk

Judge Dredd Background Fluff


Organised Crime - A guide to being a criminal


Angle Shuggy Hall - A Guide to the game of Shuggy.
The Emerald Isle and Murphyville - A Guide to the Irish.
The Undercity - Beginners Guide to the Undercity
Titan - A Judges Jail

Restricted Tek Files

Lawmaster MKIII
Spy in the Sky
K-2000 Samurai Ground Attack Suit


Case Files - Restricted Files - Megs - Other



Judge Dredd Miniature Game retired game models

All my old now retired characters and posts

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