JDMG - Retired

Judge Dredd Miniature Game posts from the now retired Mongoose Games.

Introduction to the Judge Dredd Miniature Game (JDMG)

Game Rules

Random Events of Mega City One


Judge Duel - Judge on Judge Action (kinky)
Rolling Thunder - Fatty Food Fight!
Dino Rampage - Grab your dinosaur toys


Angles McManus and Pancake Clydes - Owner and Manager of the Angle Shuggy Hall Sector 102
The Angel Gang - Learn about Pa, Link, Junior, Mean and Fink.
The Judge Child - The cause of a great chase through space.
The Ape Gang - Don Uggie Apelino, Joe Bananas, Fast Eeek, The Jungle and the Swamp Skunks.
Chapman Pincher - Special Character for JDMG
Johnny Alpha - Strontium Dog's finest Bounty Hunter
Judge Dredd - The Lawman himself
Judge Fergus Kilkenny - Murphyville Judge
The K. Cattrall Fighting Fishmen - Alien/Mutant Fishmen
Novar - Cursed Earth PSI
Orlock The Assassin - Sov Blocks greatest Assassin.
Rhode Island Red- The Red Leg Raiders - Rhode Island Red, Squid Face,
Wendy Go!! - Sector 102 Futsie, Dan Abnett Block.

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