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Warhammer 40,000: Imperium is your gateway into the 41st Millennium, where humanity battles for survival against aliens, traitors and other terrible foes. You'll collect, build and paint armies of incredible miniatures to fight brutal battles on the war-torn planets of the Imperium of Mankind.

On this page, I will collect all my Reviews, Battle Reports and Painting videos for you to quickly review and enjoy! Be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, Adventures with Peps, for more fun content.

YouTube Reviews

Issue 1 - First Contact

Issue 2 - Escape Route

Issue 3 - Hold Them Back

Issue 4 - Destroyers Awaken

Issue 5 - Rallying the Troops

Paint/Lore Guides

Space Marines

Executioners Lore and Paint Guide

Painting the Lieutenant Primaris


Novokh Lore

Painting the Royal Warden


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