Aeldari Encyclopedia

As is well known by now I am a big fan of all things Elven, especially those of the Games Workshop Aeldari arc. As part of my gaming and collecting, I enjoy coming up with backstories for my characters/units/vehicles. The best way I've found to go about this is to lift ideas from literature mostly Black Library, HP Lovecraft and Tolkien. With so much info I decided to compile as much info as possible from my personal collection. In no way is it complete, official, purely GW or even nicely laid out and neither is it my goal to form a fully working dictionary (so please don't ask for English to Eldar or what the Eldar word for potato is other blogs can tell you this). When I remember to write down the sources I will add it to the list below.

Please remember this is purely for my own benefit and enjoyment. It may even include words of my own making, words from AOS or Lord of the Rings or D&D or any other source I feel dits. If it is elven enough for me it can make the list. Disagree with something written do let me know in the comments and let's chat. Feel free to use it and suggest words to add by dropping me a comment below. Thanks, and enjoy it.

Alphabet (Aeldari Words to English)

In no way a comprehensive listing of words, but it is a solid start. These words come from across multiple books including Black Library, Tolkien and other fantasy producers. This is not official in any way and should not be treated so. It is for personal enjoyment and I hope you enjoy it.

Aeldari Words, Catagories, other



"Feel the rush of the wind against your skin and hear her keening cry in your ears. Listen to her call well, for are we not the Wild Riders, the children of the storm?" - Nuadhu 'Fireheart'

Asuryan: The greatest of all the Eldar Gods, and the one who bears the greatest influence amongst the others in heaven.

Cegorach: The laughing god, patron of the Harlequins. Escaped into the Webway whilst Khaine fought Slaanesh.

Hekatii: The Red Crone.

Isha: The Eldar Goddess of both creation and the harvest, who created the Eldar race and who loved her people without question.

Kaela Mensha Khaine: The Eldar God of War whose was all but destroyed by the Yngir when they fought and cast down into the form of the mighty Eldar Avatars which reside within the centres of each of the Craftworlds.

Kurnous/Kurnoth: Another Eldar God of which little is known about him or his role within the Eldar myths and legends, but what is known is that he is depicted as the hunter.

Lileath/Lilcarth: The Eldar Goddess of Dreams, and whose name takes two forms, Lileath and Lilcarth, which literally mean the same Eldar Goddess.

Lhilitu: A Dark Muse and the Consort of the Void. Its worshippers, a mysterious sisterhood, are desired by Archons to have as their courtesans, both for being imaginative lovers and exceptional poisoners. They descend from the Cult of Llamaea, whose courtesans elite also worship Lhilitu, and use knowledge of poisons of Shaimesh.

Mathlann: God of Storms and Seas, a God of old believed to be the protector of the Aeldari Navy. Worship of him was given up a long time before the fall.

Morai-Heg: Known as the Crone, who is the Eldar God of Fate and Souls, and believed to be the guiding spirit behind all plans and that of fate.

Qa'leh: Mistress of Blades.

Shaimesh: A Dark Muse and the Lord of Poisons. He is favoured by assassins and murderers and is the treacherous brother of the legendary figure Saim-Hann the Cosmic Serpent (presumably for whom the craftworld had been named). Dark Eldar Haemonculi consider themselves practitioners of Shaimesh's dark art.

Vaul: The Eldar smith god who created what is believed to be the first direswords for Khaine and his warriors when he was fighting the Yngir.

Vileth: A figure synonymous with arrogance.

Ynnead: The God of the Eldar dead, unto which all Eldar spirits passed unto before the Great Enemy came into existence.

Gods of Old

Alerielle: Queen of the Radiant Wood. 

Artifacts of Myth

Asurentesh: Heart of Asuryan. A Phoenix Lords Vision Orb.
Asu-Var: Sword of Silent Screams. Wielded by the Visarch.
Blade of Whispering Death: Yriel's original blade.
Celestial Lance: Once borne by Drastanta, Tempest of Starlight Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears.
Corag Hai's Locket: The ancient Priestess who died at Ynnead's emissaries birth.
Crown of Woe: Believed to have been forged from a piece of Khaine, an aura of dread surrounds the wearer.
Cup of Criel: Khaine caught the blood Eldanesh in seven cups. Now lost to the galaxy (maybe)
Darith' Reaper: A blade rumoured to carve through any armour.
Fireheart: World destroying device owned by the drukari but needs psykers to power.
Gem of Thuasytha: Sapphire gem, communication device.
Guardian Helm of Xellethon: Amplifies the presence of the wearers soul, enliving Ghost warriors.
Hungering Blade: Seeks Aeldari to feast upon.
Kha-vir: The Sword of Sorrow wielded by Yvraine.
Mirrorgaze: Made from the broken shards of Crystal Mirror.
Moonstone of the Hidden Ways: A guiding device for webway travel.
Orbs of Despair: Can reduce a man to a gibbering wreck.
Rose of Isha: Opens a portal to the realm of Chaos.
Seed of Rebirth: Should the bearer ever fall, the seeds energy will bring them back to life.
Song of Ynnead: Enhanced Shuriken Pistol
Soulshrive: A sword powered by ancient and malevolent spirit.
Soulsnare: An orb that when thrown and broken can absorb the spirit.
Spear of Teuthlas: Powerful Singing Spear and heirloom of House Teuthlas.
Vilith-zhar: Sword of Souls wielded by the Yncarne.
The Wraithforge Stone: Allows for Wraithbone to heal faster even in battle.


"The time for using the knife to remove this cancer is long gone. Bring forth the torch" - Exarch Quaillindral

May the Blessings of Asuryan protect the children of Asuryan from abomination:
Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat

If the truth were hidden, perhaps a lie would be told.
Da gceilfi an fhirinne, b'flieidir go neosfai breag.

It was so dark that we thought night had come.
Bhi se chomh dorcha gr cheapamair go raibh an oichie tagtha.

The Knife that Stays the Blade
Llith'amtu Khlavh
Craftworld Names and Meanings

"We bring only death, and leave only carrion. It is a message even a Human can understand" - Requiel of the Sons of Fuegan (Fire Dragons)

Note: most have an unknown meaning, if you have found reference to it I would love to know about it.

Alaitoc- Unknown
Location- Ultima Segmentum
Colours- Blue and Yellow
Favoured Units- Rangers, Pathfinders
Rune Meaning- The Doom of Eldanesh: Eldanesh was an Eldar hero who was slain by the jealous war god Khaine. The symbol of Alaitoc depicts the sword of Khaine bisecting the Red Moon, the sign of Eldanesh. The Red Moon is an ill-omen for most Eldar and the Alaitoc use it to remind them of what happens if mortals offend the gods.

Alurmen- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Traders, Explorers
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Altansar- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Deep Red and Black detailing
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning: The Broken Chain: Reference to the escape of Kurnous and Isha from Khaine's dungeon, but also the the shattering of the links that bound Vaul to his anvil. The broken infinity loop above the rune was adopted after their escape from the Eye of Terror.

AnuivenCraftworld a rival to Ulthwe
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

An-lolsus- Unknown
Location- Gothic Sector
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Aon'tai- Unknown
Location- Southern Rim - Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Arach-Qin- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Black, purple helmet, red faceplate, beige details
Favoured Unit- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Biel-Tan- Rebirth of Ancient Days

Location- Southern Rim - Fractured
Colours- White, Green
Favoured Units- Aspect Warriors, Exarchs, Autarchs.
Rune Meaning - The Reborn: This rune stands for the principle of reincarnation, a fate thought to have befallen every Eldar before the Fall. The symbol denotes the craftworld of Biel-Tan, whose name means 'Rebirth of Ancient Days'. For them, winter has fallen on the Eldar but the Biel-Tan are convinced that spring will soon return.

Black Library- The Black Library is spoken of by Eldar as a dark Craftworld existing within the Webway, far beyond the reach of the Imperium. Within are collected tomes and writings describing the Eldar's studies of the warp. These writings describe all aspects of Chaos: its perils, promises and horrors. The Library is enclosed within a nearly impenetrable psychic barrier, and is watched and maintained by its Guardian-scribes, who collate and transcribe the knowledge of the Library, a task they have carried out since the Fall. It contains not just Eldar knowledge of Chaos; any knowledge of Chaos is taken and kept within the Library, such as a copy of the Book of Magnus. It is as much a source of knowledge for those who fight Chaos as it is a vault to keep dangerous knowledge hidden and protected from those who would misuse it.
Location- Webway
Colours- Black
Favoured Units- Guardian Scribes, Harlequins
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Ctho- The stuff of legend, Ctho is said to be lost.
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Dolthe- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Dorhai- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown
Eyslk-Tan- Unknown
Location- Unknown

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Fein-Cineal- Unknown
Location: Destroyed

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Idharae- Unknown
Location- Galactic south-east (Destroyed)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Il'sariadh- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Il-Kaithe- Knowledge of Blood
Location- Segmentum Obscurus
Colours- Green, Purple
Favoured Units- Bonesingers
Other: Knowledgeable about the Crone Worlds.
Rune Meaning -The Helm of Eldanesh: The lay of the House of Eldanesh describes the Eldar Hero receiving an all-seeing helm from Asuryan himself. He defeats gods and monsters alike with the prescience it gives him, but in the end falls prey to his own curiosity and foresees his own demise at the hands of Khaine. The Eldar of Il-Kaithe view this rune to remind themselves that knowledge comes at a terrible cost. 

Ila-Manesh- Unknown
Location- Unknown (lifeless)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Iyanden- Light in the darkness
Location- Galactic south-east
Colours- Yellow, Blue
Favoured Units- Wraith-Constructs
Rune Meaning - The Shrine of Asuryan: Asuryan is not only the oldest but also the greatest of the ancient Eldar deities. He is father of the gods, the ancestor of all living things. This is the symbol of the craftworld Iyanden whose name means 'Light in the Darkness', a reference to the burning shrine of Asuryan, the final hope of the Eldar of Iyanden.

Iybraesil- Unknown

Location- Segmentum Pacificus 
Colours- Light Blue, White Helmets
Favoured Units- Howling Banshees
Rune Meaning - Wisdom from Pain: Also known as the Hand of Heg, in reference to the myth of Morai-Heg, the Crone. Wherein she persuades Khaine to sever her hand so she may drink the wisdom within. The Iybraesil Eldar revere this rune as meaning; No Knowledge is truly claimed without sacrifice.

Kaelor- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Obscurus, near the Eye of Terror
Colours- Red, Orange
Favoured Units: Guardians, Dire Avengers, Fast Vehicle Attack
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Kalth'se - Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Kher-Ys- Unknown
Location- Eye of Terror (Destroyed)

Colours- Green

Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Kinshara- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Lanimayesh- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning - Unknown

Lugganath- Light of Fallen Suns
Location- Ultima Segmentum
Colours- Fiery Orange, Black, Yellow 
Favoured Units- Corsairs, Dark Eldar, Harlequins, Storm Guardians
Rune Meaning - The Black Sun: is a reference to the lost glories of the Aeldari home star systems. It is said if a viewer stares far enough into the void he would be able to see the last light of those dead stars - as close to a metaphor for hope.

Magc'Sithraal- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Insane Corasirs and Wraith Constructs

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Malan'tai- Unknown
Location- Destroyed 
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Meud-Wyaid- Unknown

Location- Unknown

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Mor-rioh'i- Unknown
Location- Shedim Drifts, Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Muirgaythh- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Mymeara- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Teal, Black
Favoured Units- Shadow Spectres
Rune Meaning: The Cursing Eye: in reference to the omniscient abilities of Asuryan, said to be able to perceive and to kill in the same instant. Asuryan's pitiless extermination of the brutal Yygghs epitomises the cull of a lesser race in it's comparative infancy, eradicating it before it can grow to endanger the noble Eldar race in any way.

Mynathensar- Unknown
Location- Unknown
Colours- Wraithbone, White
Favoured Units- Hemlock Fighters
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Nebreith - Unknown
Location - Unknown
Colours - Unknown
Favoured Units - Howling Banshees
Rune Meaning - Unknown
Notes: Invaded by Khorne Deamons.

Saim-Hann- Quest for Enlightenment
Location- Segmentum Pacificus
Colours- Red, White, Black
Favoured Units- Windriders, Vypers
Rune Meaning - The Cosmic Serpent: In Eldar myth, this serpent is the only creature believed to exist in both the material and the psychic universes at the same time. Hence, the serpent is said to know all secrets, past and present. Because the Eldar for both 'snake' and 'secret knowledge' is 'Saim', this is the symbol of the Saim-Hann craftworld.

Sethoywan- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

She'enshar - Unknown
Location- Eastern Fringe. An empty husk. (Destroyed)

Colours- Unknown

Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Telennar- Unknown
Location- Ultima Segmentum
Colours- Brown, black with orange helmets
Favoured Units- Rangers

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Theminarae- Unknown
Location- Quintus (Crashed)
Colours- Blue, Yellow

Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Taial'shara- Unknown
Location- Eye of Terror (Destroyed)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Thuyela- Nick named Scintilla City by Imperium Forces.
Location- Kobolt Space (Destroyed in 30k by Space Wolves)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Tuonoetar- Unknown
Location- Destroyed
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown

Rune Meaning- Unknown

Ulthwé/Ulthanash Shelwe- Song of Ulthanash

Location- Eastern edge of the Eye of Terror
Colours- Black, Bone, White
Favoured Units- Farseers, Warlocks, Black Guardians
Rune Meaning - The Eye of Isha: This rune depicts the sorrow of Isha, the fertility goddess from whom the Eldar say they sprung. This is the symbol of Ulthwe craftworld, whose name is a contraction of 'Ulthanash Shelwe' meaning the Song of Ulthanash. This ancient song describes the lay of Eldanesh, who is the most revered of all Eldar Heroes.

Yme-Loc- Unknown

Location- Segmentum Obscurus
Colours- Grey, Orange
Favoured Units- Grav-tanks, Titans
Rune Meaning - The Crucible of Souls: according to legend within the Crucible the smith-god forged the weapons of purest wraithsteel alloyed with the spirits of the virtuous in order to wage the War in Heaven. It was in this crucible that the ninety nine and one Swords of Vaul were created. Yme-Loc uses the symbol claiming that the fate of the Eldar is theirs to forge.

Zahr-Tann- Unknown
Location- Segmentum Solar
Colours- Brown, Black, Blue
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown

Zaisuthra - UnknownLocation - Outer Rim
Colours - Purple and Yellow
Favoured Unit - Genestealers
Rune Meaning - Unknown

Zandros- Unknown
Location- Unknown (Ruined)
Colours- Unknown
Favoured Units- Unknown
Rune Meaning- Unknown


(For Iyanden Shrines visit Craftworld Iyanden)

Dire Avengers
Dark Reapers
Fire Dragons: Molten Spear, Regrets Rendered Molten, Burning Rebuke (Biel-Tan Exarch Oskirithil of Sorrows), Words of Reason, Ninth Blackened Hearth, Shrine of the golden flame
Howling Banshees: Hegrian Banshees, Shrine of the Last Heard- located on Ulthwe Shrine is in a frozen lake
Striking Scorpions: Sable Sword, Patient Blade (Biel-Tan Exarch Thurliarisaa).

Craftworld Locations

"There is still time to change the course of history" - Autarch Talyesin Fharenal, Craftworld Saim-Hann

Aldanari Dome: A Dome on Iyanden.
Avenue of Guarded Love: Iyanden
Avenue of Lost Glories Remembered to be Recaptured: Arcade on Biel tan.
Avenue of Starlight Secrets: Kilometer long balcony located on the starward side and food bars.
Bay of Departing Sorrows: Viewing deck of the Shipyard
Boulevard of Split Moons: Fashion and Jewelry shops.
Bridge of Endless Night: Bridge on Iyanden.
Bridge of Sighing Clouds: Ulthwe docks
Chamber of all Futures: Ulthwe seer chamber
Chamber of Starlight: Iyanden Farseer Meditation space.
Chambers of Resurrection: Spiritseers chamber to guide spirits to Wraiths.
Crescent of the Dawning Ages: Park
Dome of Crystal Seer: The Dome of Crystal Seers is a location within a Craftworld's wraithbone core, existing as a broad bio-dome littered with groves of tall wraithbone trees that reach out into space. It is here that the most ancient Farseers of the Eldar retreat. As Farseers reach greater and greater ages, their minds become so closely linked with the Craftworld's core that their physical bodies simply grow dormant. Within the Dome, the eldest of seers gradually crystallize and take root, until they turn entirely to crystal. The Farseer's spirit is then preserved forever within the psycho-conductive Infinity Circuit. In the wraithbone trees sprouting from the core, tiny Warp Spiders are seen. They can melt their arachnoid forms to move through the Infinity Circuit to protect the Dome and the entire Craftworld from invasive psychic entities.
Dome of Enchanting Echoes: Performance hall for Singers.
Dome of Accentuated Night: Iyanden dome full of ruins and the house of Arienal
Dome of the Last Sunrise: Place of Celebrations.
Dome of the Midnight Forest's: Blue Grass, Groves of Lianderin trees.
Dome of New Suns: Place of Quiet thought.
Dome of the Rising Hope: Artificial Sun, Lilac beaches.
Dome of Sighing Whispers: Home to the Fallen
Endless Forest: Seven great domes on Iyanden, harbouring an ecosystem of a thousand worlds.
Eternity Gate: Iyanden Dock.
Fire of Creation: Iyanden - Home to a Flame created by Asuryan during the times of Legend.
The Fireglades: Saim Hann home of clan Fireheart. Full of orange and red trees, with a coastal delta.
Forest of Silence: Iyanden giant forests that act as lungs on the craftworld.
Fortress of the Red Moon: Iyanden Fortress, location of the Swarmlords defeat by Yriel.
Fortress of Tears: Iyanden Fortress and Shrine to the lost.
Fortuitous Endings: Iyanden Docks.
Gardens of Tranquil Reflections: Rose colour water and white sands.
Hall of Truth: Public speaking place
Hidden Chamber: Located in the heart of the craftworlds Infinity Circuit, allowing Farseers some solitude.
Hidden Gorge: A deep gorge that cuts to the wraithbone core of Iyanden. Found in the Haladesh desert. Those on the path of Solitude live near the waterfalls located within the gorge.
Lake of tranquil sorrows: Saim-Hann within the Fire Glades.
Long Swift Voyages: Iyanden Docks.
Long Wandering: Iyanden Docks.
Maze of Linnian: A msytical location and is part of the Ulthanesh Mythos.
Mistmaze: Ghosthalls of Haladesh.
Oceans of Ceaseless Tranquility: Once beautiful oceans, now boiled away to nothing following the tyranid invasion. Iyanden.
Oasis of Tears: Bar on Iyanden.
Place of Answering: A place to voice concerns on the ruling council's decisions. 
Plaza of the Red's Moon New Birthing: Located in front of the Red Moon Fortress.
Plaza of Reflection: Open city area.
Port of Last Starlight: Ulthwe
The Dome of Midnight Twilight: Home to artwork depicting Chaos.
The Falls of the Unshed Tears: A waterfall on Saim-hann.
The Midnight Dome: Darkness and place for lovers.
Tree of the Crone: Iyanden. A tree that aids the Iyanden Seers to search the future.
Remembered Supremacy to be Regained: Biel-Tan's main Webway.
Shadow Vale: Saim Hann's oldest dome of the craftworld home to the Oracle's of the last truth. The Oracle's are Cathasarren, Alodrist and Yddgara. Farseers crystalized attempting to repair a damaged infinity circuit. Now the dead can talk through them.
Shrine of Asuryan: Shrine to the God Asuryan.
Shrine of the Deadly Shadow: Striking Scorpions temple dark swamplands, trees inside with a Pyramid.
Shrine of the Ending Veil: Dark Reapers Temple.
Shrine of Ulthanash: Iyanden home of Yriel's Cursed blade.
Shuttle Vault: Cross hub transport monorail.
Sighing winds: Saim-Hann dome chamber of seers
Soulshriek Barricade: Corrupted spirit stones are infused into the barricade releasing psychic screams into the area.
Spider's Gate: Main Webway gate of Iyanden.
Tower of Bloodied Knives: Biel tan docks
Tower of the Dormant Witnesses: Poet Commune.
Tower of the Eternal Welcomes: Docking Bay, encased in a bluish shield that keeps the vacuum at bay.
Tower of the Evening Melodies: Music Venue
Tower of Infinite Patience: Hotel.
Tower of Starlight Majesty: Building with stunning views
Tower of Winding Destiny: Saim-Hann location.
The Vale of Khaine: The district of the Aspect temples.
Urhaithanalish - Capital City of House Haladesh on Iyanden.
Wayport Vaidh: Webway Port on Iyanden.
Wintershards dome: Saim Hann - home of Clan Icewhisper and the White palace.
Wraithcoil: Think barbwire with bone.
Wraithgate: A portable entrance into the local webway.

Lesser Known Paths

"... and the Engines of Vaul will smite them, and bring fire upon them, and in agony they will depart this realm, their souls screaming into the black void that awaits their pitiful race. And with their banishment there will be peace in this place, and we will be one step further along the road we must tread..." - Farseer Ulthos of Alaitoc

Bards of Twilight - Storytellers who are taught the Asuryata which is told once a Generation.
Eulogy - Speech writing for the deceased.
Everguard - Unknown purpose possibly ship security?
Dreaming - Daydreaming, dreaming of a future, dreaming of the past, scrying.
Dreamsingers - Psychic path.
Forgetting - Those attempting to forget their past. A depressing path.
Isha's Maids - Similar to Warlocks less aggressive.
Lament - Allowing sorrow and grief to hold sway.
Mourning - Remembering the dead.
Playwright - A playwright.
Remembrance - Remembering the past/dead.
Servant - Those wishing to serve.
Service Tenders to the Dead - Iyanden Craftworld, the living look after the dead in their ghosthalls. Cleaning, repairing the restless spirits. Bald, pale, dark eye makeup.
The Slicing Orbs: Eldar Aspect Warriors unique to the Craftworld of Zandros.
Solitude - Moves to remote areas of a Craftworld, to live a nomad experience.
Wandering - Explorers. Not an outcast. Sometimes they are just wondering a craftworld rediscovering areas.
Wayseers - Openers of Webway portals.
Wilderer - Grounds keepers, gardeners.

Other Bodies

"The stars themselves once lived and died at our command, yet you still dare to oppose our will" - Farseer Mirehn Bielann

The Black Council: Meets at the Black Library and is composed of the Eldar's most powerful Farseers

Cythai: The Awakened. Shunning the Path these are Aeldari that have fled to the darkest corners of Space to hide from She Who Thirsts.

Conclave of Tears: Representatives of at least one craftworld, a corsair fleet and even a Dark Eldar Kabal make up this gathering of Aeldari forces in Jericho's Reach lead by the Harlequins.

White Seers: The guardians of the Black Library. Curators of Chaos Artifacts.

Harlequins Masques

"We may have won the battle, but our ancestors have lost their souls" - Prince Yriel

Dance Without End - Masters of the Webway a very passionate Masque.
Dreaming Shadow - A morbid Masque who fight primary the Necron threat.
Frozen Stars- Protecting the Maiden Worlds of the Eastern Fringes.
Midnight Sorrow- Obsessed with bringing destruction to Chaos. Mainly located around the Eye of Terror.
Penumbral - 
Reaper's Mirth - High proportion of Death Jesters.
Silent Shroud - Absolutely silent never speaking.
Shattered Mirage - Self destructive, wish to burn bright before the end.
Soaring Spite - Based on the Tales of the Cosmic Serpent's brood. Fights exclusively airborne.
Twisted Path - Chilling reputation of luring victims into the webway where they vanish!
Veiled Path- Known as tricksters, manipulators, and riddle-smiths, the Veiled Path are capricious even by Harlequin standards. Other Harlequins see them as dangerously untrustworthy, for they have been the architect of countless atrocities. It was they, for example, who sent one of their number to manipulate Prince Yriel into taking up the Spear of Twilight. It was the Veiled Path who indirectly set Lady Malys upon the road for her strange encounter in the Webway and the bond with the Laughing God that resulted.
Weeping Dawn - Vengeful Masque and master Assassins.

Dark Kin Locations

Aelindrach: City-state bathed in Shadows, home of Mandrakes.
Arena Khad Mhetrul: Reaver fighting.
Bone Middens of the Wych Cults: Collection of skeletal xeno remains positioned in grim mock battles.
Central Corespur: Area located within the bounds of the Acid green River Khaides.
Chasm of Echos: The Dark Creeds lair.
Chasm of Woe: Seethes with Deamons.
Commorragh: Greatest of the Webway Port Cities.
Coreloop Gauntlet: Reaver race track.
Crucibael: Arena of the Wych Cult of Strife.
Draichi Ganeth: A smaller Webway Port City, controlled by the 'Executioner's Cult'. A sect of Wyches who specialise in beheading.
Hagg Nar: A long forgotten Port City, one of the earliest Wych Arenas. Ancient treasure are whispered to be hidden there.
Ilmaea: The Stolen Suns or Black Suns
Khelt Nar: A young Port City. Fast growing and expanding in power quickly. The residents here have a true hatred for Chaos, a many a slave raid has started here. 
Khaine's Gate: A giant rent into the warp located in the central under core of Commorragh.
Lethidia: Tyranid infested planet that orbits the dark city and the focus of the Vorgani Drukhari Elite that have genestealer genes in them.
Moedh Stair: Wych Cult Arena
Nhexus: Cult of the Cursed Blade Arena.
Pandaimon: A sub realm of Commorragh. Home to the Iron Thorn.
Parched: Cadaverous ghoul like Dark Eldar.
Pendulum: Lair to the Coven of Twelve.
Pinnacle of Disdain: Fortress home of the Dying Sun Kabal.
The Pit: Arena of the Red Grief.
Poison Crown: Home of the Flayed Skull, one of the highest towers in Commorragh.
River Khaides: Green acid river. Where Hellions and Reavers race to prove their worth or die trying.
Rhundhar: The secret city. Home to outcast Aeldari.
Sec Maegra/ Null City: aka Mercenary District/Shanty Town home to mercenaries and xeno races.
Shaa-Dom: Satellite realm to Commorragh. The seat of power of El'uriaq, Shaa-Dom and its overlord planned to one day dominate the Dark City. However the supreme overlord of Commorragh, Asdrubael Vect, captured a human starship and sent it crashing into Shaa-Dom through a Webway Portal. The city was devastated by the initial explosion, but the real damage came when the ship's Warp Drives detonated and opened up a rift to the Warp. Now flooded with Daemons, Shaa-Dom was sealed away from the rest of Commorragh on Vect's personal order.
The Sprawl: Outskirts of the Dark, home to Ur-Ghuls, Khymarae and the Parched - Drukhari fallen from grace.
Tower of Flesh: Lair of the Coven of Thirteen Scars - Fabius Bile is tutored here.
Ynnealidh: The Necropolis Below

Renown Kabals

Ranks: Overlord - Archons - Dreacons - Sybarite - Kabal

All-Seeing Eye: One of the most secretive Dark Eldar Kabals and, though they are few in number, the Kabal acts as influential power brokers, between the various factions vying for power in Commorragh.
Baleful Gaze: Described as one of the Great Kabals of Commorragh
Barbed Eye: Not much known
Bladed Lotus: One of the Great Kabals
Black Blade: Destroyed by the Raven Guard in the Heraclad Massacre of 865.M41
Black Heart: The single largest and most powerful Kabal in Commorragh, and because of this, they are the dominant power in the city. The Kabal's Supreme Lord is Asdrubael Vect, the oldest known Dark Eldar, and the supposed founder of the Dark City itself. The fact that the Kabal's founder is old enough to have witnessed first hand the birth of Slaanesh means that, along with being the largest and most powerful Kabal, they are also the first Kabal to be founded
Black Sun: They gained notoriety for trapping the incorporeal scientist Vorsch and using his technologies to launch large-scale terror attacks upon the peaceful Naiad Republic
Black Myriad: One of the great Kabals.
Blackened Tear: Infamous for poisoning an entire Imperial Hive World in 724.M36
Bladed Sun: Known for favouring overwhelming firepower in battle
Blades of Desire: Commanded by the battle-hungry warrior-queen Xelian, the Kabal employed large numbers of Wyches, as well as Hellions and Reaver packs
Bleaksoul Brethren: Operates out of Viridian Sound. They are known for their twisted sense of humour and shark-like teeth
Bloodied Claw: One of the older Kabals in Commorragh, led by Akhara'Keth
Bloody Scream: Large amount of Ravagers and Scourges.
Broken Sigil: Specialist in Terror warfare.
Dying Sun: More Trueborn than most Kabals, control ancient technology that is able to destroy stars.
Envenomed Thorn: In 140.M40 it ambushed the Death Spectres on Vern IV, destroying almost all of the Chapter's Predator Destructors
Flayed Skull: Second only to the Black Heart Kabal. Located in the high spires this kabal favours fast grav warfare.
Immortality Denied: All but annihilated.
Jade Knife: Hatred for Ulthwe
Last Hatred: Want to master life and death and seek to destroy all Aeldari and capture whatever is created.
Lords of the Iron Thorn: Huge navy of grav-engines.
The Obsidian Rose: Exquisite weapon smiths arm this kabal with the best and strongest toxins.
Piercing Eye: Raiders of Vorgan.
Poisoned Tongue: They are a great and powerful Kabal of Commorragh, closely allied with Asdrubael Vect and the Kabal of the Black Heart.
The Severed: Spaceborne Kabal, large fleet of attack craft.
The Shuddering Blade: Close Combat Masters.
Silver Fang: Close Combat focused.
The Storm's Spite: Overwhelming firepower.
The Thirteenth Whisper: Faces Shrouded and strongly a lined with the Mandrakes.
Wraithkind  Kabal: Allies to Iyanden against Orks

Renown Covens

Ranks: Haemonculus
Specialists: Nemesines - Seeking ways to kill every known creature. Repugnomancers - Artefact creators. Black Cornucopians - Expert Plunders. Scarlet Epicureans - Seek to experience all forms of pain and death (normally skinned). Apparitians - Enjoy showcasing flaws. Nadirist - Wish to attain godhood by corrupting the mortal realm.

The Black Descent: Patience and masters of traps.
Coven of Twelve: Close Combat
Coven of the Thirteen Scars: Master geneticists and trained Fabius Bile.
Coven of the Twisted Spiral: Are abducting Custodians.
The Dark Creed: Specialist in Fear
The Hex: Flesh Artisans and Curses.
The Prophets of Flesh: Lead by Rakarth and strongly supported by Vect they have become the biggest and strongest of the covens.

Renown Wych Cults

Ranks: Succubus - Blood Brides - Wyches

Blade Denied: Specialize in disarming the enemy and killing them with their own weapons.
Bladed Hand: Unarmed killer.
Blood Dancers: Early Wych Cult believed destroyed.
Cursed Blade: Masters of treachery. Favoring the Razorfail.
Executioner's Cult - A sect of Wyches who specialise in beheading.
Flayed Hand: Allies to Iyanden against Orks
Flesh Wraith: Black Heart Reavers
Impaled - Worked alongside Vect.
Khaileborn - A sect of Assassins, who specialise in concealment, stealth and obfuscation. To the untrained eye they look like a Wych Cult.
Khinerai Harpies - Scourge Gang.
Pain Eternal: Void bourne Cult that specializes in destroying spiritual shrines/worlds.
Red Strife: Aerial Master.
Seventh Woe: Specialize in mutilation of the foe.
Stilled Heart: Specializes in Poisons, Venoms and Elixirs.
Cult of Strife: Most infamous of the Cults and strong ties to Vect.
Wrath Unbound: Practitioners of a killing trance.


Coiled Blade - Incubi of the Ynnead and followers of the Visarch.


Titles: Lord of Rebirth, Warden of Forgotten Wisdom, Walker of Many Paths, Master of Death, Favoured of Ynnead.
Aeldari Bladehost: Wyches, Black Guardians and Harlequins.
Coiled Blade: Visarch bodyguard of Incubi
Soulbound Vanguard - The chosen warriors of Ynnead. Dire Avengers, Incubi and Wyches.
Ynnead's Net - Warlock Conclave, Windriders, Reavers and Sky Weavers.
Whispering Ghost Hall - The Reborn Farseer, Shadowseer, Spiritseer, Wraithlords, Wraithguard and Wraithblades.

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