Warhammer 40k Novels

The home to a lot of Black Library reading!


Astra Militarum

Desert Raiders - Lucien Soulban
Perdition's Flame - Alec Worley
Rebel Winter - Steve Parker
Redemption Corps - Gav Thorpe
The House of Night and Chains - David Annandale
The Iron Devil - C.L. Werner

Gaunt's Ghost
#1 -
#2 - Ghostmaker - Dan Abnett
Sabbat Worlds - Multiple Authors
Double Eagle - Dan Abnett

Adeptus Arbiters

Crossfire - Matthew Farrer (Shira Calpurnia #1)

Emperor's Legion - Custodes and Sisters of Silence

#1 The Emperor's Legion - Chris Wraight

Sisters of Battle

#1 Faith and Fire - James Swallow



Scourge the Heretic - Sandy Mitchell
Watcher in the Rain - Alec Worley

Rogue Traders

Star of Damocles - Andy Hoare

Adeptus Astartes

Blood Angels

Dante by Guy Haley

Dark Angels

A Hunt in the Dark - Gav Thorpe
Holder of the Keys - Gav Thorpe
Ravenwing - Gav Thorpe - Gav Thorpe
Battle Brothers - Gav Thorpe
Master of Sanctity - Gav Thorpe
All Must End - Gav Thorpe
Accept No Failure - Gav Thorpe
The Unforgiven - Gav Thorpe
War of Secrets - Gav Thorpe
Purging of Kadillus - Gav Thorpe
Angel of Darkness - Gav Thorpe
Azrael - Gav Thorpe

Iron Snakes

Space Wolves

Space Wolf - William King
Ragnar's Claw - William King
Grey Hunter - William King


Burned - Darius Hinks
Common Ground - Mike Brooks
Death's Head - Josh Reynolds
Dirty Dealings - Rachel Harrison
Emp-rah's Eye - Guy Haley
Once a Stimm Queen - Robbie MacNiven
Redemption - Darius Hinks
Red Salvage - Josh Reynolds
Sanguinalia Day Massacre - Justin D. Hill
Scar Crossed - Nick Kyme
Terminal Overkill - Justin D Hill
Wanted: Dead - Mike Brooks
His Terrible Visage - Gary Kioster


Heretic Adeptus Astartes

Thousand Sons

Ahriman: Exile - John French
Ahriman: Sorcerer - John French Ahriman: Unchanged - John French

Iron Warriors

Iron Warriors Omnibus - Graham McNeill

Emperor's Children



Children Series

Warped Galaxies

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