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Iyanden Craftworlders - Mainly House of Ulthanash


Avatar (Part 1)

  • Assatur
  • Iyanna
  • Shear'ann
  • Tarvaril Ciaradh: Craftworld Iyanden Spiritseer and a disciple of Iyanna Arienal. When the sound of war calls, he leads the wraith hosts of the Tower of Blue Starlight to battle.
  • Hestarlia
  • Bonesinger Olari Dreamshaper
  • Invaril Brightshard: Bonesinger, famous for constructing the first Infinity Circuit on Iyanden with the aid of Farseer Mehlendri Silversoul. It is said that Iyanden has never known a more skilled Wraithbone shaper than he, and while he is long dead his soul remains within the Wraithforge Stone to aid its wielder.
  • Bonsinger Yhtill.
  • Lord-Phoenix Deathspinner - House of Ulthanash.
  • Kelmon Farsight: From the ghosthalls of Haladesh.
  • Ydric The Wise: ?
  • Teluethiar:
  • Phantom of Truth: Haladesh. D-cannon (F)
  • Eldire Lannanaris: Mysterious aid to Silar. 
  • Dhentiln Firesight
  • Adrallanar: Farseer Mentor of House Teuthlas Iyanden. Last pupil was Iyanna Arienal. (Deceased)
  • Iqbraesil: Iyanden Farseer, who once invited the High Inquisitor Czevak to his Craftworld, in order to allow the Inquisitor to learn more about the Eldar
  • Hastur: Farseer hailing from House Haladesh
  • Mehlendri Silversoul: Farseer of Iyanden living in M33. She was one of the first to recover Waystones from Crone Worlds and use her Bonesingers to adapt them to an Infinity Circuit. At the end, Silversoul realized that a soul must be made to awaken the Circuit, and she chose to offer herself. Legend says that her spirit lingers at the border between the dead and living worlds, welcoming the fresh dead into the Circuit's embrace.
  • Petrillien: aided his Craftworld in invading the Imperium-held Maiden World Davinuus
  • Taec Silvereye: Farseer on Craftworld Iyanden. House Delgari. The Farseer oversaw Iyanden's defenses alongside Prince Yriel and Spiritseer Iyanna Arienal when the Craftworld was assaulted by Waaagh! Rekkfist. Taec Silvereye died during the Battle of Duriel, sacrificing himself to activate the Fireheart to destroy a remnant of Hive Fleet Kraken.
  • Ukallior
  • Teuthis
  • Kelithia: Iyanden Farseer, very old.
  • Uriethaniel Goldenhand: Deceased.
  • Yriel: Autarch and High Admiral of Iyanden. Also High Admiral of the Eldritch Raiders.
  • Culthain: Deceased.
  • Jethlesar: Jetbike, Laser Lance.
  • Herinim:Iyanden Autarch
  • 'Umr At-Tawail: Autarch Fusion Pistol, House Haladesh.
  • Gwyth Bannrionic: Deceased Autarch of Iyanden.
  • Sunspear: Autarch of Iyanden. In 999.M41 he led the purges of populated worlds (many inhabited by humans) in the path of Hive Fleet Leviathan in an attempt to starve the aliens of resources.
  • Silar Lannanaris: Autarch/Corsair Prince.
  • Lord Ethrael: Yriel's Second, High Admiral of Iyanden. Died on Starwind Voyager fighting Tyranids.
  • Bethan Gul: Manticore's Captain.
  • Shebyl: Manticore's Navigator.
  • Amaleth: Manticore's 2nd Officer. 
  • Lhunara Ithil: Manticore First Mate.
  • Getheric:
  • Ybrann:
  • Doloroana Startreader:
  • Wraithborne: Squadron of Wraithships crewed by House Valdor.
  • Gelthelion the Wave Shaper - Webway Portal Opener
  • Isha's Maids - Similar to a warlock just not military.
  • Karatjian Starstrider: Legend of House Ulthanar Iyanden
  • Vorhan: Iyanden Dockmaster

Fire Dragons
  • Blazing Fang Shrine - lead by Quaillindral
  • Fire's Heart - Believed extinct Exarch was a Wraithlord, reborn Althenian. Now reborn a monolithic blackstone temple. Deep Prange, red crest, Exarch uses Firepike.
Howling Banshees
  • Shrieking Blade Shrine
Striking Scorpions
  • Striking Scorpions - Stinging Shade Shrine
  • Hetherion: Iyanden Wraithguard of House Divinesh
  • Guardians of the Waning Light - Lead by Wraithblade Felyndael.

Heavy Support

Dark Reapers 
  • Voice of Twilight - Wraithlord
  • Bemenacth: Wraithlord of Craftworld Iyanden. A hero to the Eldar of Iyanden, she was killed fighting in the Battle of the Dying Sun.
  • Elendri Deathsiren: The Crone Banshee Wraithlord (Iyanden)
  • Teradryan the Lyric: Wraithlord - Iyanden House Haladesh.
  • Exarch Althenian Armourlost - Deep Orange Colour with Yellow pattern. Last of an extinct Fire Dragon Shrine. Bodyguard to Iyanna.
  • Draech Starhand: Iyanden High Admiral (deceased)/Now a Wraithlord.

  • Edruth Enfaolchu -Falcons

Fast Attack

  • Crimson Hunter of the Ascendent Strike Shrine.
  • Shining Spears - Shrine of the Swift Kill
  • Swooping Hawks - Shrine of the Simmering Horizon.
  • Warp Spiders - Slicing Skien
  • Exarch Uoht and his Shadow Weave, Warp Spiders


Dire Avengers
Guardian Defenders
Storm Guardians
  • Kalibax's Wrath
  • Slicing Sabres
  • Irilith - Female Iyanden Ranger
Lord of War

  • Soulseeker - Piloted by Aethon Sunstrider and his deceased brother Ashodh. Armed with sword. Guardian of the House of Ulthanash.
  • Uskariel-Iskarion - Wraithcannons
  • Silent Scream - Piloted by Neidaria
  • Sound of Sunlight - Piloted by Ariadien
Phantom Titan
  • Curse of Yriel - Piloted by triplets of Lariani.


Eldritch Raiders
  • Kalaea - Raider, pilot of a venom.
  • Yaleanar: Gaudily armoured Eldritch Raider. Leader Rank, Lilac hair, intricate make-up, Yriel's Shadow (Bodyguard). House of Ulthanash. Dead.
  • Lumino: Corsair Prince (Eldritch Raider) Deceased.
  • Herethiath: Yriel's Aid.
Lannanaris Corsairs (Ynnari)

  • Arleth Vann
  • Vanhir
  • Dolthaic
  • Aricar
  • Hauclir

Craftworld Idharae
  • Taolis Eversong: High Farseer of Idharae.
Ybaric Cluster Exiles - Exodites

  • Ahashra Rhiel: Exodite Knight

Masque of the Veiled Path
  • Sylandri Veilwalker: A mysterious Harlequin Shadowseer
Wraithkind  Kabal: Allies to Iyanden against Orks - Using Kabal of the Flayed Skull Obsession.

The Hex: Interested in Iyandens Necromancy. - Prophets of Flesh Obsession.
  • Xethretic the White: Haemonculus of the Hex.
Cult of the Flayed Hand: Allies to Iyanden against Orks - Cult of the Cursed Blade Obsession.

Aeldari Dictionary




Ships of the Aeldari


The Fall of Taspia


Asurmen: Hand of Asuryan - Gav Thorpe
Path of the Warrior - Gav Thorpe
Valedor - Guy Haley


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