Comic Review 242 // Star Wars, Vol. 7: The Ashes of Jedha by Kieron Gillen


In a classic grab that intrigues me fashion, I have managed to dive into volume 7 of the series, without reading anything else first. I do apologize to those who love to see reviews in order but that's just not going to happen here.

Title: Star Wars (2015) Star Wars, Vol. 7: The Ashes of Jedha
Author: Kieron Gillen
Illustrator: Salvador Larroca
Blurb: The specter of the devastating weapon brought together a patchwork cloth of people, united in hope. And now these rebels continue to fight for a better tomorrow for a galaxy far, far away! Jedha was left in ruins when the Death Star annihilated the Holy City--now, as Queen Trios' forces move in to strip what's left, the rebels struggle to preserve the planet for its survivors! With the Leviathan looming, Luke Skywalker is torn between his allegiance to the Rebellion and pursuing the path of a Jedi--so who will lead the charge against the Empire? The echoes of Rogue One continue to be heard in an all-new adventure written by Kieron Gillen (DARTH VADER, DOCTOR APHRA). COLLECTING: STAR WARS 38-43
Format: 144 pages, Paperback


As mentioned, this is volume 7 in the series, and I believe I have others in the TBR pile, so will properly be able to round out the series soon. But lucky the way the volumes are designed, each one can be read as a stand-alone tale, you just miss some of the clues or arcing plot threads. Ultimately it is the classic theme of rebels fighting the Imperials, so we don't have to think too hard about this.

The plot is exciting and connects Rogue One to the original trilogy cast. It shows us what the main characters, Luke, Hans and Leia, were up to between films. Adding depth to their lore. The Imperials are attempting to strip mine the last of the crystals from Jedha, which is slowly tearing itself apart following the damage reaped during Rogue One. Whilst on the surface, a cell of resistance fighters continues to thwart the Imperials at every turn. The "stars" have arrived at Jedha in hopes of forming an alliance with this cell, trading weapons and support for their own supply of crystal. We also have a great villain in this tale who sadly never lived up to his threatening demeanour, don't give me a cool villain and then fail to deliver them, Marvel!

But the biggest issue, and it seems to be a more common problem these days, is the artwork. Is it me or have these been photoshopped? The faces look lifted from a photo and then cartoonised to fit the comic. It looks really weird, I noticed a similar thing in the new Alien comics, it seems like they are time-saving by bastardizing other work. It takes away from the story for sure and adds issues that aren't needed.

Overall an okay read. Star War Fans will enjoy it for what it is, whilst the rest of us will be meh.

Cheers for reading!

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