Comic Review 241 // The Amazing Adventures of Batman: Blossom Battle by Laurie S. Sutton

Not going to lie; I am so happy I found all eight books. They have been a delight to read with my son, even though he keeps returning to Bane. Why is there no Joker? Is he deemed too scary?

Title: Blossom Battle!
Author: Laurie S. Sutton
Illustrator: DarĂ­o Brizuela
Blurb: When monster plants grow out of control, Batman and Batgirl race to rescue Poison Ivy! Will the heroes save the day? Find out in this action-packed chapter book for young readers.
Format: 32 pages, Library Binding


I really enjoy all the different sidekicks we are getting in these stories. This time it is the turn of Batgirl to come to assist. Like the other titles in the series, this one follows the formula of Batman and his sidekick teaming up to solve a problem. And this title is a fun one!

The story begins with Batman on a night patrol in a rundown part of Gotham City (isn't that most of the city?). As he swoops overhead, we swap to Poison Ivy, who has created a greenhouse in this area and is testing a new plant food formula. Of course, it all goes wrong, and soon her plants are growing out of control and smashing through the building.

Attracted by the destruction, Batman swoops in and is soon trapped within the vines seeking aid from Batgirl. The duo soon has everything under control with a combination of Freeze Capsules and Batrangs.

An absolute classic tale. Nothing to excite a diehard fan, but this is fun and exciting for a young kid. Next will be Clayface!

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