Comic Review 240 // The Terrible Twos (The Amazing Adventures of Batman!) by Brandon T. Snider

Coming in thick and fast with these Batman mini adventures. I get these aren't to everyone's taste but damn, are they proving fun so far!

Title: The Terrible Twos (The Amazing Adventures of Batman!)
Author: Brandon T. Snider
Illustrator: Omar Lozano (Illustrator)
Blurb: Batman and his crime-fighting cousin Batwoman are in double trouble! The supervillain Two-Face is on a crime spree in Gotham City. Who will win when the superheroes face off against this two-bit crook? Find out in this action-packed early chapter book for the youngest of readers.


This time we are joined by Batwomen, aka Kate Kane, aka Bruce Wayne's Cousin. For another lesson in teamwork. This time our heroic duo is facing off against Two-Face, who, with the help of a robot, can be in two places at once. With a bank robbery and diamond heist happening simultaneously, the duo split up. But who has the real Two-Face?

A formulaic story, as with most of these. It was enjoyable to see Batman take a back seat whilst Batwomen became the focus. I would have loved to have seen the robot be more of an unexplained aspect until later in the story. Instead, it is explained early on and easily defeated. I enjoyed the simplistic nature of the story, and I am ready for the next book!

Cheers for reading.

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