Book Review 236 // Rogues in the House by Robert E. Howard

I'm continuing my run of Conan adventures. I am really enjoying this way of reading and watching the progression of the writing and the character happen in quick secession. This weeks read was a cheeky 40ish pages and was easy to hammer out.

Title: Rogues in the House

Author: Robert E. Howard

Blurb: Howard's most famous character, Conan the Cimmerian, was a barbarian-turned-King during the Hyborian Age, a mythical period of some 12,000 years ago. Conan featured in seventeen Weird Tales stories between 1933 and 1936 which is why Howard is now regarded as having spawned the 'sword and sorcery' genre. The Conan stories have since been adapted many times, most famously in the series of films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 'Rogues in the House' is a story in the Conan series where he becomes embroiled in a battle between two men who are attempting to rule over a city.

Format: 48 pages, Paperback

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We kick off this adventure with Conan chained in a dungeon! But soon, Conan is pulled into a web of political intrigue as Murilo, a city noble/councilor, is threatened by the sinister Red Priest to flee the city. Turns out Murilo has also been up to no good, not as bad as the Red Priest but enough for concern.

Rather than flee to a life of poverty Murilo takes a risk by hiring Conan to kill the Priest, in exchange for his freedom, a horse and a bag of gold. Unable to refuse Conan sets off on the task. Now of course this is a sword a sorcery tale so we have to have a twist! This comes in the form of a deadly pet Gorilla who no longer wishes to play pet. This intelligent and strong beast is almost the better of Conan and for once we have to see Conan using his guile and wit to escape rather than brute strength.

Another well-written and very enjoyable tale, highly recommend it if you have not read it already.

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