Audio Review 131 // Fabius Bile: Repairer of Ruin by Josh Reynolds

It's nice to be back among the villains of 40k. And in my opinion, none hold a torch to Fabius Bile and his need to attain the "Perfect Human." I've enjoyed a lot of Josh Reynolds work so I know we are in good hands, even if it is only for 20 minutes.

Title: Fabius Bile: Repairer of Ruin

Author: Joshua Reynolds

Narrator: Ian Brooker, Jonathan Keeble

Blurb: Lupercalia burns, the might of the Traitor Legions reducing the last redoubt of the Sons of Horus to rubble. And through the ruins strides Apothecary Fabius of the Emperor's Children, with an army of vile genetic experiments. But what does the twisted Apothecary want in the temple to the fallen primarch Horus? And will he find it?

Format: 20 minutes, Audible Audio

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As mentioned, I knew I was in safe hands with this and had an enjoyable walk to work listening to it. We join Fabius Bile and his carnival of malformed experiments as they attempt to secure a cloned body of the long-dead Horus, Primarch of the Sons of Horus. The tale seems to fit into the Abaddon series, which was nice to see and is happening during the assault of Lupercalia. If Fabius can gain access to Horus' genes, he will be able to restart his failed Primarch program.

It's a great fun listen as we join Fabius in his quest and wonder if Fabius is mad or the only sane person left from the Crusade? It's definitely mad, but also not wrong lol.

Let me know your thoughts.

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