Audio Review 130 // Ahriman: The First Prince by John French

Time for a long overdue return to an old friend. Ahriman by John French was a series I hugely enjoyed reading at the time, and I feel I have done myself an injustice by not getting to this short sooner. So prepare the summoning circle and crack open the tomes of knowledge as we dive back into the grimdark.

Title: Ahriman: The First Prince
Author: John French
Narrator: Gareth Armstrong & Robin Bowerman
When his servant Ctesias meets his end, the Thousand Sons arch-sorcerer Ahriman is thrust into a deadly conflict with a creature of darkness, a being from the beginning of time whose cunning and thirst for power are the equal of his own – the first daemon prince of Chaos, the dreaded Be’lakor. As the daemon taunts Ahriman with the very secrets of creation, the sorcerer tries to bargain with the beast for Ctesias’s life… but can a deal with a daemon ever be honoured?

As if the appearance of Ahriman wasn't incentive enough, this is also the first-ever appearance of the Daemon Prince Be'lakor in a Warhammer 40,000 Black Library story.
Running time: 45 minutes
Produced by: Black Library
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Unlike our other adventures with Ahriman, this one is told from the viewpoint of Ctesias. He awakes from his second death and finds himself within the warp, talking to a god! But no normal god, this is Be'lakor the First Daemon Prince of Chaos, and the most devious. Soon a game is underway for the soul of Ctesias on one side Ahriman and on the other Be'lakor, how much is Ahirman willing to sacrifice to save Ctesias? And what exactly does Be'lakor want with the Thousand Sons?

At this point, I have to stop as there are way too many spoilers. All I can say is listen to it yourself, it will not disappoint. But be sure to understand Ahriman before diving in. As always the sound and the acting are all on point and John French delivers another amazing Ahriman adventure.

A great time investment for the fans out there.

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