Warlord Games / 2000 AD: Judge Dredd Homer Blint paint guide

Warlord Games / 2000 AD: Judge Dredd Homer Blint paint guide. A quick and dirty paint scheme mainly using contrast or speed paints to get you gaming quicker! From my Youtube channel Adventures with Peps. It would be fantastic if you dropped me a free Sub!

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Homer Blint appears in the 2000AD and the Megazine world of Judge Dredd.

Homer assisted his wife, Oola Blint, a serial killer called 'The Angel of Mercy' (or sometimes 'The Euthanasia Killer'). Together they travelled between apartment blocks, poisoning the tenants and leaving their bodies for the Judges to find (in the pose of final rest, holding a red rose). Judge Dredd eventually tracked the couple down, and they are currently serving life in an ISO Cube for their crimes.

This kit can be bought through Amazon: Affiliate Link (Thank you for using it).

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