How to Paint Tabletop Ready - Necron Novokh Technomancer - 40k

Time to dive into the world of the Cryptek.

Their main fields of study include dimensional dissonance, singularity manipulation, atomic transmutation, elemental transmogrification and countless other reason-defying technologies. They are masters of the scientific and technological, and in many ways, a Cryptek's powers mirror those employed by the psykers of different races, such as the Imperium and Eldar. However, they differ in that instead of using a mutant mind to channel Warp energies, the Cryptek employs arcane science to harness the universe's fundamental forces.

Crypteks operate in pan-galactic conclaves, many specializing in a particular technology field. Though they have no official rank in the political structure of a dynasty, they wield incredible influence. They often serve in the courts of Necron Overlords and Necron Lords as close confidants. The powers of Crypteks are highly sought after by Necron Overlords, who will meet whatever demands are made by the Crypteks in exchange for their services. Crypteks wear Essence-Tomes, tiles forged from whatever substance Cryptek is studying. As the Cryptek advances in his studies and mastery of his field, he adds additional tiles to the chain. Chronomancers have tiles made from time, while Voidmancers' essence-tomes are constructed from black holes and dimensionalists from the wounds created between dimensions.

Ultimately, the only thing that holds the ambition of a Cryptek in check is another of its kind. Should a retained Cryptek rise too far above his station, a Necron Overlord will attempt to replace him by luring a more tractable Cryptek away from his rival. Even though this has complications; for a while, no Cryptek will knowingly replace another of the same conclave, a rival from another conclave will happily do so. Once his services are acquired, a Cryptek’s duties stretch far beyond the tomb world. It is common for an Overlord to grant a Cryptek the first pickings of precious resources in exchange for his services on a campaign. Such a bargain serves both sides well; a tomb world’s resources are limited, and the Cryptek’s trade requires that he have a ready supply of raw materials.

Today's Cryptek is a Technomancer: These masters possess the power to augment and swiftly repair Necron units and Canoptek constructs upon the battlefield.

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