Comic Review 239 // The Amazing Adventures of Batman: Reptile Raid by Laurie S. Sutton

Okay, it happened! I managed to get my hands on all eight of the Amazing Adventures of Batman. You just got to love the library. Now from what I can tell, the series is split in two by the authors who are writing but are in no way connected, so I am letting my son choose the order we enjoy these in. Today's choice goes to Killer Croc, my son's favourite villain - mine being Mr. Freeze and collectively with both like Bane, haha.

Title: Reptile Raid
Author: Laurie S. Sutton
Illustrator: DarĂ­o Brizuela
Killer Croc climbs out of the sewers . . . with an army of reptile warriors! Batman and Robin are hot on their lizard-like tails. Can the Dynamic Duo stop their reptile raid, or will these slimy supervillains give the heroes the slip? Find out in this action-packed early chapter book for the youngest of readers.


A classic tale. Batman and his sidekick Robin are having a slow night of crime fighting when suddenly the sewer ahead bursts open with Killer Croc, and a horde of mutant reptiles burst forth to take over Gotham. Completely surrounded, the crime-fighting duo takes to the rooftops to plan to defeat this menace. Using gas, they subdue the creatures leaving Batman and Croc to fight it.

A super simple, straightforward adventure, but my son loved it! No real moral to the story in this one, just straightforward, simple action. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it to little ones who want a Batman story.

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