Comic Review 236 // Marvel Action Spider-man: New Beginnings

Spider-man, Ghost Spider and Miles

You must love the library and all the great finds you can discover! This week's discovery is a Marvel Action Comic titled Spider-man: New Beginnings. Long a standing fan of the 90's cartoon, I have been trying to get into the new Spider-man series as my son loves them, so maybe the new beginning title will assist?

Title: Marvel Action: Spider-Man, Vol. 1: New Beginnings
Author: Delilah S. Dawson
Illustrator: Fico Ossio
A Marvelous new era begins here! Readers of all ages can get tangled up in these all new adventures of Spider-Man and his astonishing friends!

Peter Parker has thrown down with deadly villains and legendary heroes, but high school life might be his greatest challenge yet. Luckily, he has a shot at making the grade with a little help from his new friends... Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy!

Collects issues #1-3 of the comic series.

Format: 80 Pages (Buy via


New beginnings were a great starting point for retraining my brain! It collects the first three issues of the series. It was also seemingly aimed at teens, so it wasn't overly simplified, which is nice. We join a Sixteen-year-old Peter Parker, who has secured an internship at 'Daily Bugle.' We discover that Peter wasn't the only one chosen, and with a room full of competition, Peter will have to bring his A-game to secure the Prize of interviewing Iron Man! After a rough introduction to the Bugle, Peter is teamed up with two other interns, Miles and Gwen. 

Now, of course, the city comes under threat, all three make reasons to leave, and soon a new Spidey team is forming! The story is rather good and enjoyable. With this being the beginning, the story is left open for me to find Volume 2. Though they seemingly found an excellent spot to stop at, you are left feeling fulfilled while needing more! I enjoy a less dark tale, and though it was aimed at teens, it was childish or brain-dulling.

Overall a terrific tale.

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