Book Review 232 // The Tower of the Elephant by Robert E. Howard

We are back with another fantastic Conan adventure! I am getting into the flow of these, and they pair well with my Slaine adventures. I am excited about this tale as we enter the city of thieves, which is the title of my favourite Chose your own Adventure book, which I can only assume was inspired by Conan. But enough waffling on from me. Let's dive in!

Title: The Tower of the Elephant (Conan, #3)

Author: Robert E. Howard

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Blurb: Conan infiltrates a perilous tower in the City of Thieves in order to steal a fabled gem from an evil sorcerer. A classic of Conan lore, often cited as one of Howard's best tales.

Format: E-book 48 pages


During Conan's early phase, Howard has already found his style for Conan's adventures. With rumours of a rather tempting gemstone reaching his ears, our Barbarian heads off to "retrieve" the Heart of the Elephant locked away in the Elephant Tower. The only problem is the tower's owner happens to be a dangerous Sorcerer, and of course, there have to be traps and dangers at every turn.

It is a significant expansion into the world of Conan, giving us dark magic, Cosmic Horrors and dare I say Eldritch beasts from beyond. It was a surprisingly dark tale toward the end, and it really got me pumped to read more. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a good run of stories and not the peak of his writing. Time will tell.

Ultimately you know what you are getting with a Conan adventure, but damn was this fun and entertaining. I am genuinely excited to get into the next story!

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