Book Review 230 // Pear Shaped Man by George R.R. Martin

Got to be honest didn't expect a George R.R. Martin novel to drop in my reading list. Like many I attempted to read Game of Thrones but was ultimately bored by his writing style in those novels. I am hoping he does better in horror.

Title: The Pear Shaped Man
Author: George R.R. Martin
Blurb: Everyone knows a Pear-Shaped Man. Jessie meets hers when she and her friend Angela move into their new apartment--he lives in the rotten-smelling basement apartment--wet lips, whiny voice, eating Cheez Doodles with warm Coke. He's always waiting for her, inviting her down to his apartment ... he has 'things' to show her. When Jessie's obsession with this repulsive man turns to paranoia, it takes over more than just her life. 


Okay, okay, okay. I'm creeped out! This was a delightful read (wrong term, but it was), and I am thoroughly creeped out and feeling a little gross in my soul.

This story hit home, I've lived in a few big cities throughout my years, London, Birmingham, and Ottawa, and I feel like I've met a Pear Shaped man multiple times, ignore the actual way they look, but the way they act and can make you feel uncomfortable is very telling. The character's habits and mannerisms make me super uncomfortable just reading them, and throughout the story, I am left willing the Jessie character to flee. This feeling of dread builds throughout the novel, and how this hasn't become a horror film, I will never understand. It hit me in the creep zone, and hung on throughout, which is an impressive feat.

The downside for me was the ending. It seemed rushed and poorly throughout, leaning into a supernatural-style finish rather than a killer/psycho. I feel a more classical killer ending would have finished my nerves off completely and had me fearing the darkness. But hey, what do I know?

Have any of you read this?

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