Audio Review 126 // The Stromark Massacre by Andy Smillie and C Z Dunn

I didn't stay away from the Flesh Tearers for long. Drawn once more into another audio adventure but this time with a little twist. These two short stories are set in the same system following two different chapters formed from the same Bloodline. How will they differ, what is the theme of the tale, will I get answers?

Title: The Stromark Massacre: Space Marine Battles

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Authors: From The Blood by Andy Smillie and Terror Nihil by Christian Z. Dunn

Performers: Sean Barrett, Tim Bentinck, Jane Collingwood, Jonathan Keeble and Saul Reichlin


++We are fury! We are wrath! We are death!++

++Chaplain Appollus, Flesh Tearers++

++We are the Angels Encarmine. Every day is a day for death.++

++Castellan Zargo++

Two linked Space Marine Battles stories featuring the Flesh Tearers and the Angels Encarmine.  Produced by Black Library and Heavy Entertainment. Performed by Sean Barrett, Tim Bentinck, Jane Collingwood, Jonathan Keeble and Saul Reichlin. Running time approx 90 minutes.

“We make the World Eaters look like school kids” – love Gabriel.


A nice 90-minute two-part tale linking two chapters from the Son of Sangiunius. Within the two tales, we follow the chapters as they wage war within the Stromark system, two worlds have turned their backs on the Imperium of man and now the wrath of Angels falls upon them.

One story follows the Flesh Tearers as they enact brutal vengeance on Stromark Prime, whilst on Stromark Secundus the Angels Encarmine, active a unit that has not seen action in a millennium!?

Tale one From the Blood is the stronger tale of the two and follows the Flesh Tearers as they plan the brutal takedown of the Governor's Palace. To lead the charge is Chaplain Appollus, your typical over-the-top Chaplain, full of righteous zeal and the spiritual leader of the ranks of Death Company. These bloodthirsty marines are no longer the heroes of the Imperium they are more akin to the bloodthirsty Khorne Berzerkers. This may have something to do with the flaw in all Blood Angels gene seed or could it be a hint of heresy? Overall a solid story, with good insight into the Death Company and it even finishes with a nice twist.

The second short from C Z Dunn is titled Terror Nihil. This excited me to start with as it is all about the Angel Encarmine, a chapter I know very little about. I've seen images and read small teasers about them but never had something like this. The planet itself Stromark Secundus is a toxic hellhole, it is basically a death world that would kill even a marine. This forces the chapter to use a unit they have not activated in over a millennium. At this point, I have to stop as spoilers would ruin the rest of the tale. Ultimately what we have here is the making of something special, unfortunately, the author failed to deliver it. The Characters aren't that interesting and it felt like it was just counting down the moments. A sad letdown, to be honest.

So The Stromark Massacre falls under an Okay review. Lots of missed opportunities within its 90 minutes. Could have been something special, instead, it becomes just something I need to hear as a completionist.

Have you listened to it? Am I missing something? Let me know.

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