Audio Review 125 // Chosen of Khorne by Anthony Reynolds

Bouncing along nicely with these audio dramas. Today we catch up with one of my favourite Horus Heresy characters and check out how he survives in the 40k verse! I'm happy to see Anthony Reynolds taking control, and it promises to be good.

Title: Chosen of Khorne

Author: Anthony Reynolds

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Blurb: Kharn the Betrayer takes to the field of battle as the champion of his old comrade Argus Brond, but his own motives go far beyond the petty squabbling of rival Chaos warlords...Deep within the Eye of Terror, the followers of the blood god Khorne war amongst themselves to win their patron’s favour, and for the right to lead a new crusade against the Imperium in his name. Argus Brond, berserker champion of the old World Eaters Legion, has called upon his old comrade Kharn for assistance – surely, this legendary warrior will break the deadlock and secure victory for him? But Kharn, known with good reason as ‘the Betrayer’, is far more than just a crazed killer, and his own agenda will always come first...


As mentioned, I really like Kharn in the 30k setting, I even think he has some iconic roles in the 40k verse, but damn, authors make him dull. Luckily for Anthony Reynolds isn't just your average writer.

Anthony Reynolds does a fantastic job of fleshing out this heroic but broken champion. I was first introduced to Kharn in the second edition, and he was a powerhouse killer then, just as likely to slaughter your own army as he was your opponents. But boy, could he carve his way through an Ork Mob! This unhinged style of character has returned in this tale. We can see and feel he is broken, you are always curious if he is in control of his rage, but ultimately there seems to be a goal in mind as he moves from battle to battle. But what is the plan? Only Khorne truly knows.

I recommend this tale; it's quick, bloody, and does a great job of making Kharn enjoyable.

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