Audio Review 124 // Perfection by Nick Kyme

I have ridden the Sons of Baal tales enough for now. Time to turn our gaze on to the sons of Fulgrim, the true perfectionist! 

Title: Perfection

Author: Nick Kyme

Publisher: Black Library

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Blurb: Under siege from Chaos Space Marines of the Emperor's Children, survival for the world of Vardask looks bleak. Matters worsen with the arrival of the World Eaters of Khorne. Still, when the Champions of Slaanesh are slowly murdered in mysterious circumstances, the enmity of the rival warbands threatens to turn them on one another on a scale not seen since the aftermath of the Horus Heresy. Are there no depths to which the scions of Fulgrim will not stop in pursuit of true perfection?


Well, that was an enjoyable listen for sure. It's always fun reading about the "villains" and when bad things happen to them it becomes even more enjoyable. The interesting twist to this tale is the murder mystery, hidden within a battle someone is slowly killing off the Emperor's Children and seems all too easy to blame the World Eater rivals who happened to turn up at the same time...

Now the main issue with this title is that I can't reveal too much without spoiling it. But I can confirm this title is well worth the listen to, so go treat yourself. If I have to sum it up for you I would say, action pack, mastering that is a fun listen. If you are looking for character-building lore, give it a miss. But if you are looking for a fun, commute to work tale this could be "perfection"!

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