Comic Review 235 // Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles - Book 3

Sad to think our time with Slaine is drawing to an end. There have been some spectacular highs in the series, along with lows. But no series has divided the crowd as much as the Brutania Chronicles. I've enjoyed the pace change, but I can see how this new/older Slaine is upsetting the fans. A broken hero in a world that no longer wants him is a step away from the young heroic barbarian of the 80s. Now I remember reading this series, so I am excited to revisit it; I remember the artwork being great.

Title: Sláine: The Brutania Chronicles Book Three

Author: Pat Mills

Illustrator: Simon Davis


Overpowered by the fury of the Primordial, Sláine is on the brink of defeat. 

Cyth Lord Gododin attempts to break him by summoning memories that he would rather forget… 

Confronting the demons of his past, the Celtic Hero must cut through the Drune Lord’s twisted minions and reunite with Sinead to rescue Zana, the ape-woman, one of the last remnants of humankind before they were ‘improved’ by the Cyth. As their attempts to suppress humanity fall before Sláine and his axe, the Cyth must answer to their master and jailer – the Archon Yaldabaoth!

Format: 105 pages, Kindle Edition

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Yep, stunning artwork as I remember. Simon Davis produces some beautiful panels. I also like how the colouring of the artwork helps us to know when we are in the present vs the past. The classic sepia filter really does help. 

It was a great read and we got to rediscover Slaine and the emotions that drive him. We basically get a Slaine with depth finally. This volume continues to build on the theme of isolation that Slaine has found himself in, no family, no tribe and no Ukko. These combine together to lead us to a self-doubting Slaine alone in the world and this weakness is punished by enemies who attempt to tap into this trauma to finally break Slaine's spirit.

Cyth Lord Gododin forces Slaine to relive parts of his childhood in an attempt to manipulate the warrior, and we take a back seat and join the ride as we watch the death of Slaine's mother, and attempt to solve the mystery of who Slaines father is (lots of fun twists here). Whilst this is happening Sinead with a weakened Slaine also attempts to rescue Zana, the ape-woman. Possibly the final survivor of the pre-Cyth races of earth. But with all the death and battling an older more scary power has woken and it would seem in book four that Slaine will have to face the Archon Yaldabaoth.

Everything is now nicely set for the final volume and I for one am excited to read it.

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