Book Review 224 // Dancing Chickens by Edward Byrant

Next up on my adventures into Modern Horror comes from Edward Byrant titled Dancing Chickens. I know very little about this author, and following a quick google, I know even less now. So let us go blindly into the dark corners of this title.

Okay, this story did not hit home with me. I didn't get horror from it at all. It came across as Sci-fi with a lot of real-life thrown in. Definitely not a highlight in the collection.

The title follows Ricky, a runaway who dreams big of escaping. He is in an abusive relationship built on manipulation, and while this is all happening, we have giant Alien crafts floating over every major city. A plot element that is never given depth.

As the story progresses, we learn of Ricky and his ongoing abuse and how he just wishes that the aliens who scoop him up and take him away from it all. This narrative comes to a head at a house party where Ricky watches a guest using a Chicken as a puppet and making it dance. This disgusts most of the guests and causes Ricky to finally flee. It is at this point that the aliens decide to make contact, and they do so through Ricky. Basically turning him into a puppet of their will and showing that the aliens view us like the chicken puppet.

Sadly I found the whole thing dull and the ending lacklustre. A little disappointed, to be honest.

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