Audio Review 123 // Throne of Lies by Aaron-Dembski Bowden

What a non-Flesh Tearer story!! What is happening, sound the alarm, I've gone off the deep end. This week's listen was Throne of Lies by Aaron-Dembski Bowden, set within the Nightlord trilogy by the same author, a book currently sitting on my shelf waiting its turn to be read.

Title: Throne of Lies

Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Blurb: The Night Lords are among the most feared Chaos Space Marines in the universe. They prey on their victims from the shadows, stalking the faithful of the False Imperium in their ultimate quest to destroy the Emperor. The Warband of the Exalted, travelling aboard The Covenant of Blood, are recovering from the events at Crythe Primus. But their dark crusade against the loyal Imperial forces continues, and they will leave a trail of blood and terror behind them.


The audio adventure starts strong, with an introduction to a Navigator struggling to control her craft through a rough warp trip. Soon we are dumped into real space, and the story unfolds. Unsurprisingly we follow a Night Lord's Warband who is searching for a relic that contains information valuable to the Night Lord Legion. But this is a tale of two halves, so let's split it and go from there.

The opening half describes a Callidus Assassin working her way to a target, manipulating her body to morph from character to character until she is within striking distance of a Cultist High Priest. As the priest starts to spew hatred of the Imperium, he is mysteriously struck down as if by the will of the God-Emperor, putting fear into all who witnessed it. As the Callidus makes good her escape, the sound of Space Marines arriving is heard, and soon the Callidus is fleeing for her life as the Night Lords chase her down. She is ultimately captured and tortured, revealing the location of the relic the Night Lords seek.

The second half of the drama is the seeking of the prize, which is hololith recording. It must be rather significant as multiple Warbands have gathered for the attack in a show of strength not seen by this legion since the great crusade. As the forces make landfall, they are disappointed to discover the Assassins fortress is abandoned and seemingly so for many years. But within its heart lies the recording they seek. At this part, I fall for the bad guys again. As the images play out, it shows the final moments of Konard Kurze's life as recorded by the Assassin who killed him. Turns out the Legion is trying to collect all known recordings of their father and finally seek out the master copy so they can hear his final words.

Aaron-Dembski Bowden does something few authors can do, he makes me like the "Bad Guys". I love it! Let me know your thoughts and reach out!

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