Audio Review 122 // Bloodspire by CZ Dunn

I'm still on a Sons of Baal kick, and my 2nd Edition Space Marines are crying out to become Blood Angels. Bloodspire by C Z Dunn is a 30-minute Space Marine Battle based on a paragraph from an older Blood Angel Codex (is it in the newer ones?). I am constantly worried about the 30-minute titles as it is around that time you start enjoying a story properly, and it always ends abruptly. Let us see if that happens here.

Title: Bloodspire
Author: Christian Z. Dunn
Narrator: Se├ín Barrett & Rupert Degas, Chris Fairbank & David Timson.
Blurb: On the world of Axonar, a squad of Blood Angels Scouts scale the dizzying heights of a mighty hive city as their battle-brothers fight far below. They aim to open the way for a daring aerial assault to crack open the city and ensure victory.


As I feared way too short. Just as I was enjoying aspects, it came to an end. More than 30 minutes is needed, even for a short story. The Blood Angels scout is tasked with climbing the hive city to call down aerial support. The only issue is you need to be a fan of 40k to understand the scale of the task. And this kind of info is genuinely required and missed in this tale.

All the action is split between two forces. The first and main section is the Scouts led by Sergeant Cardulla, whose job is to scale the peak. The ground forces of Captain Metreion are to hold the attack long enough to get the needed support to crack the city. It feels like a tale told one hundred times; the only problem is that this has 30 minutes to do it.

It's short and ok for a walk into work, sounds great, as these always do, but the lack of depth and character development hinder the piece and leave it feeling a little lacklustre. Let me know if you disagree. 

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