Audio Review 121 // At Slaughter's End by Andy Smillie

Hey, guess what! Time for more Flesh Tearer action! I feel I need to paint up a Flesh Tearer model soon.

Title: At Slaughter's End: Space Marine Battles
Author: Andy Smillie
Narrator:  Gareth Armstrong, Steve Conlin, and Tim Molloy
Blurb: In the aftermath of the battle, Flesh Tearers Chapter Master Amit picks his way across the blasted landscape and is drawn into single combat with a survivor of the enemy force, a berserker dedicated to the Blood God. As they fight, Amit realizes that at the slaughter’s end, he and the servant of Khorne are not so dissimilar…

This audio provides an insight into the dark soul of the Flesh Tearers Chapter and the rage that lurks beneath the surface. It’s also worth a listen if you want to witness two incredibly angry Space Marines taking chunks out of each other in brutal close combat. It's World Eater against Flesh Tearer, and one thing's for sure — it will be bloody.

Running time: 18 minutes


A quick, brutal, but informative listen today. This short story by Smille packs a punch. It plays out a single act of a more significant battle coming to a close. Amit of the Flesh Tearers stalks the battlefield looking for survivors; during one of these patrols, he encounters a World Eater Champion, one of the few survivors of the conflict. As the brutal single combat progresses, Amit is forced to realize that there is very little difference been the Flesh Tearers and the World Eaters. Both are raged filled and allow their anger to control them. How easy would it be to slip into the lure of chaos?

For a quick short story, it hits hards and is an excellent look at the doubt found within the first Chapter, Master of the Flesh Tearers and how this ultimate doubt has shaped the chapter. The production value, as expected, is fantastic, along with the narration. The story is clever and well thought out. I am ready to have an entire Flesh Tearer novel now. Please let me know what I should read next.

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