Audio Review 119 // The Assassination of Gabriel Seth by Andy Smillie

Continue the dive into the Sons of Baal audio drama set I have. This week it is the turn of the Flesh Tearers once more as Gabriel Seth faces Assassination! The cover gives nothing away, so we should get on with it.

Title: The Assassination of Gabriel Seth
Author: Andy Smillie
Performers: John Banks, Tim Bruce, Steve Conlin and Andrew Wincott
Blurb: A Flesh Tearers audio drama

Gabriel Seth, Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, has made many enemies in his long years defending the Imperium – and now they plot against him, planning his death. But Seth will not be taken down so easily…

For many long years, Gabriel Seth has led the Flesh Tearers to war. Master of a dwindling Chapter, he has made many enemies in his unceasing battle to keep his warriors alive – and now those enemies conspire against him, luring him to a remote world in order to end his leadership and life in the most violent and bloody way possible; Gabriel Seth is to be assassinated. But can even an Eversor Assassin kill one of the deadliest warriors in the entire Imperium?

Running time: 23 minutes


We've done enough of these now to know the score. It's Black Library audio, we know the acting will be on point, the sound will be incredible, and the story will be enjoyable. Let's get into the meat of things.

This is a brutal story with solid character development. We finally step away from the easy-to-do Angry Marines and see a Chapter struggling to survive against their aggressive nature. They know they face doom if they are swallowed by the rage. They are broken and yet hopeful. And altogether a much more exciting read.

The true highlight, luckily, is Gabriel Seth. He has developed into an actual focal point for a story, and his thoughts on being a Flesh Tearer are insightful. But his quiet contemplation for his fallen brothers is soon disrupted by an Eversor assassin (possibly one of the few things in the galaxy angrier than a Flesh Tearer). It would seem the Flesh Tearers Chapter Master has pissed someone high up off, and if they remove Seth, the Chapter will surely fall to damnation. Not only is this a fight for his own life, but also a fight for the Chapter.

A brutal short story, but one I truly enjoyed. It was the first time I had some genuine interest in the Tearers beyond them just being aggressive marines. Well done, Mr. Smillie.

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