How to Paint Warlord Games & 2000 AD Sláine MacRoth miniature

Following on from the Slaine Starter set unboxing, and the Skull Swords (link: YouTube link) comes my quick and easy guide to painting Sláine MacRoth from inside the box. I use Army Painter Speed Paints over a white primer in this video. Super simple to copy and gives quick results that look great on a tabletop.

But who is Sláine MacRoth? A classic shamelessly stolen off the internet description.

Sláine MacRoth is the eponymous hero of the long-running 2000 AD strip Sláine. His mother, Macha, was a deadly warrior who gave Sláine his first solid food on the tip of a sword blade. The first significant event in Sláine's life occurred when he was seven, and Macha's drunkard husband, Roth Bellyshaker, boasted that she could outrun the king's chariot in a race. The king forced her to run, and she was trampled to death by the horses as Sláine watched. Roth may have made his boast deliberately as a way of getting rid of his wife because she had been unfaithful to him many times and Roth suspected that she was lying when she said that Sláine was his. The usually obtuse and unperceptive Roth was correct about this. Sláine's true father was Duban, a druid who taught Macha magical secrets and liaised with her in subterranean tombs.

When he was sixteen, Sláine was cast out by his tribe, the Sessair, for an unauthorized liaison with the King's bride-to-be, Niamh. He spent years exploring Tír na nÓg in the company of his unscrupulous servant, the dwarf Ukko, and occasionally aided by the druidess Nest.

He eventually became embroiled in a war between earthly mystics, led by Myrddin, and the aliens called Cythrons, who were harvesting humanity's negative emotions. Sláine and his companions (including Calgacus, Mogrooth, Oeahoo, Murdach, Giya, Tlachtga and Pluke) had to strike a decisive blow in the conflict, venturing into the tomb of the dark god Grimnismal. Despite most of them dying, Grimnismal was eventually killed, to the chagrin of the Cythrons' abhorrent leader, the Guledig.

After completing this mission, Sláine finally returned to his people to become their king, leading them against the demonic Fomorians. Blessed by the Earth Goddess, he became a living incarnation of her consort, the Horned God, and eventually the first High King of Ireland.

He later gave up his title (after several adventures in other periods of time as the servant of the Goddess) to Gael, the founder of the Gaelic race. Having lost his wife, Niamh, murdered by the evil Moloch, Sláine eventually left his homeland to find his missing son, Kai, finally encountering him in a travelling circus owned by Ukko. He is currently fighting the evil Drune Lords (a metaphor for the Catholic church and/or the British Conservative Party, depending on how Pat Mills feels this week) with the help of his new companion Sinead.

Slough Gododin, the son of Sláine's dead foe, the Lord Weird Slough Feg, taunted Sláine by saying that he was a "bastard," as Roth had not been his real father, which made him "Sláine Mac Nobody." Sláine responded by using magic to let Sinead possess the ghost of his dead mother, Macha, so he could ask her who his true father was. He was briefly horrified when he thought Macha might have been raped by an El Lord (a supernatural monster from another dimension), which would make him only half-human. However, further questioning revealed that Macha and her lover Duban the druid, had fought off the El Lord together before fathering Sláine, who was pleased to discover that he was the son of a priest of the Earth Goddess who had shared forbidden knowledge with the laity.

I hope you enjoyed the story and will stop by soon for more!

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