Comic Review 230 // Thor and the Warriors Four

I struggle with Thor in the same way, that I struggle with Superman. They lack threat. They are demi-gods and can withstand most things a villain can throw at them unless it is a God-level villain. This is why I am drawn in more by Iron Man, Spiderman or Batman. They are ultimately human and can be easily put down by the bad guy if they are not careful. But the kids enjoy Avengers, and Thor is a part of that, so we had to grab at least one book with him.

Title: Thor and the Warriors Four (collects Thor and the Warriors Four #1-4)
Author: Alex Zalben
Art: Gurihiru, Colleen Coover
Blurb: It's Power Pack's biggest adventure ever as they desperately search for the only other person who can save the life of their grandmother--THE MIGHTY THOR! But first, they're going to need to get to Asgard, and that means joining forces with Frog Thor...And THE PET AVENGERS! This is a journey into mystery that will leave Power Pack changed--forever! COLLECTING: Thor and the Warriors Four #1-4

Format: 104 pages, Paperback Library.


Okay, this was a cute, fun read. Very easy to follow along and read, especially for younger kids. You also find yourself grinning away as you read it. So a bit of a win for me. 

But ultimately, it is like many books in this style. We have a quest to save the day/someone. As they travel, they meet friends and overcome obstacles. Gaining life lessons and learning new skills along the way. This can get a bit repetitive but I get it. Talking repetitively the kid called Alex, really started to annoy me with the whole - "This can be explained by Science", you live in a world of Superheroes! Why can't magic exist? The humour is easygoing and childish which is funny at times and the pet avengers were a highlight.

Got kids? Read this to them, enjoy it for the evening and move along. Love silly Thor stories add it to the collection, it is a worthwhile read.

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