Comic Review 229 // The Amazing Adventures of Batman: Bane Drain

Can you beat a Batman adventure? I personally was more of a Batman fan than a Spiderman fan. So when I had the chance to pick up some more adventures to read to the kids, I had to grab the opportunity. Based on the cover alone, I have to assume this is a Batman and Nightwing adventure, *EDIT* turns out it was not Nightwing, but a new to me character called Batwing. They are also going up against one of my preferred villains, Bane! Also of note this is more a picture book than comic, but I felt right reviewing under the title Comic Review over Book Review.

Title: The Amazing Adventures of Batman: Bane Drain
Author: Brandon T. Snider
Art: Darío Brizuela
Blurb: Bane is on the loose at a Gotham City baseball game! An extra dose of venom has made him stronger than ever. Can Batman and Nightwing drain Bane of his powers, or will the duo pull the plug on this case? Find out in this action-packed early chapter book for the youngest of readers.
Format: Library


Now as mentioned I picked this title out for the kids. But let's be real I wanted to read it too! Aimed at young readers I knew going into it that it would most likely be a light-hearted tale, with some comedy thrown in too.

Surprisingly it was an enjoyable book. It was nice to have Bane in the book along with Batwing a completely new to me character. I am definitely not up to date on the stories.

The story is pretty straightforward. Once more Bane is on a rampage and is seeking out Batman to destroy him, Like I said simple. Of course, Bane causes this mayhem within the Gotham Baseball stadium, and soon Batman realizes he will need assistance if he hopes to weaken and stop Bane. Here enters Batwing, and through the classic "teach-your-kid" a lesson storytelling, we end up with a defeated Bane.

The artwork is what I've come to expect from this age group of Batman, it is bright, clean, and looks like a cartoon you would watch on TV. Batwing is interesting and I need to seek out more about him beyond what google is telling me, he was introduced by Grant Morrison so I can assume he has a lot more depth than we see in this piece.

As far as I am concerned this was a winner, for me personally it has got me intrigued a bit more in Batman once again, whilst the kids really enjoyed the story. At the time of writing this book has been requested and reread many, many times now.

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you are currently reading.

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