Audio Review 116 // Bloodquest: Prisoners of the Eye of Terror by Ben Counter

When I discovered I had this title in one of my audio collections, I got super excited! I remember fondly reading the comic, and I even had the metal miniature of Captain Leonatos (sadly now lost to time). Will this audio title bring the heat, I sure hope so.

Title: Bloodquest: Prisoners of the Eye of Terror

Author: Ben Counter

Blurb: Travelling across the daemon world of Eidolon in search of the stolen Blade Encarmine, Blood Angels Captain Leonatos and his battle-brothers are saved from death by another servant of the Emperor, Murius Aquinam. To their surprise, they recognise his name – he fought alongside the Blood Angels four thousand years ago. Can he still be trusted after four millennia in the Eye of Terror, or is he as much of a threat as the servants of Chaos that they fight?

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What a time-travelling memory filled adventure for me. Roughly 22/23 years ago, when I was a fresh-faced sixteen-year-old, I remember reading the epic adventures of a comic called Bloodquest (I need to read that again). It followed a shamed Blood Angel captain and his team, whose goal was to recover a lost relic. Until the relic is found or the group killed, they were to never return to the chapter. Having faced down an Ork leader possessed by a daemon, the team discovers their prize is in the Eye Terror. Here the adventure takes off, and I recommend you go find it and read the tale.

This story is set at about halfway, with only three marines left. Unfortunately, the enjoyable story lacked depth and could have added more to the overall adventures. The location within the title was really well done: the obsidian prison. The place sounded terrible and very fitting for a Daemon world. The idea of it growing open and decaying like a skeleton is a horror-inducing thought. What an amazing-sounding location that should be made into a kill-team board.

The plot was clever enough, with the marines feeling honour-bound to an Imperial Guard Regiment that was believed lost and, upon seeing their flag go to discover their fate. Unfortunately, the plot twist of the story was rather obvious, but the build-up was handled well enough to have you guessing when it would strike.

Bloodquest: Prisoners of the Eye of Terror is a definite buy for the collector and comic-book fan. But a miss if your knowledge of the lore or characters needs to be improved. There are some gems in the rough when listening, but I feel a real opportunity has been missed to expand the series or reignite interest in it. I guess I am on the fence.

Let me know your thoughts.

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