Imperium Magazine Issue 12 - Defending the Crypt - Review & Battle Report

Imperium Magazine Issue 12 - Review & Battle Report - Defending the Crypt is the next installment as I run all 80 Battle Reports from the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium collection from Hachette Partworks and Games Workshop.

This will all be a part of the Imperium playlist: YouTube Playlist. Hit the subscribe button! to not miss out.

So for each issue, I will bring you a fully painted battle report. Using that issues figures (if they have some) and rules. As well as a quick overview of the magazine. Got any questions, please do ask!

Imperium Magazine Issue 12 - Contains three pots of paints (super exciting). And an HQ vs HQ face-off  Will the Primaris Captain be able to take down the Necron Overlord? Currently, the series is 8-3 to the Necrons, but the Marines are currently on roll. Can they keep it up?

Hope you enjoy it and will follow. Cheers!

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