Comic Review 228 // Spider-man Bad Luck

What is with me? I love reading these young marvel comics! I know it's great to read to the kids, but I am actively seeking them out currently!! I think I am broken, haha.

Title: Marvel Action: Spider-Man, Vol. 3: Bad Luck
Author: Delilah S. Dawson
Art: Fico Ossio
Blurb: Peter, Gwen, and Miles have learned to work together, but a sinister new enemy is about to tear them apart!

After a devastating encounter with the Black Cat and her bad luck powers, the Spidey team is down on their luck and at each other's throats. Will Peter, Miles, and Gwen learn to overcome their bad luck and work together again, or is this the end of the line for the Marvelous Spider-Trio?

Collects issues #7-9 of the Marvel Action: Spider-Man series.

Format: 72 pages, Paperback


What can I say? My son loves Spider-man, so once more, we delve into the Spidy worlds. Unsurprisingly it is fun, easy to follow, enjoyable and not groundbreaking. As we know, all three spiders - Parker, Morales and Stacy, go to the same school, suffer from the same teenage dramas and then fight crime at night.

The whole premise of this book is to teach teamwork and see the trio become a team. Highlights include the fact that this is a stand-alone piece, with no carry-over of earlier stories or the dreaded to-be-continued ending. We see the writer playing up to the friction of Peter and Miles both going by the same name code name, which was good to see, and the "villain," Black Cat, was well thought out and interestingly showcased. As this is kid-friendly, we are given a realistic Black Cat that isn't over-the-top sexual.

An easy, enjoyable read at night. Go in expecting some fun and you can't go wrong.

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