Comic Review 227 // Spider-man Shock to the System

Does everyone love Spider-man? He seems to be one of those rare Super Heroes I have struggled to find haters for. I am sure they are out there, but for now, in this household, he is the winning hero. We found this title in our local library, and it seems to be volume five in the series but is a complete one-shot tale.

Title: Marvel Action: Spider-Man, Vol. 5: Shock to the System

Author: Brandon Easton

Artist: Fico Ossio

Blurb: Your favourite wall-crawler is back in action, and he's not alone! Middle-grade readers can get tangled up in these all-new adventures of Spider-Man and his amazing friends!

A sinister new villain appears! Miles and Gwen are preparing for the biggest test of their high school careers, but will they stay focused with the team all shaken up over their newest foe, the Shocker? And can they overcome his bad vibes with the exam putting their very futures at stake?

The Marvel Action line from IDW makes the world's most popular superheroes accessible to middle-grade readers through stories emphasizing humour and fun alongside action and super-powered heroics.

Collects issues #1-3 of Marvel Action Spider-Man Vol. Two.

Format: 144 pages, Paperback

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Feels like an age since I've seen Shocker! He always came across as a side character, easily defeated by the hero. But in this tale, Shocker is once again an actual threat. Where the heroes so to discover the villain and work out how to defeat them. I also enjoyed the fact that we see the kids using science to solve the problem rather than a straight-up fistfight. This felt I a true Spiderman story of my 80's childhood. The rest of the story deals with the kid's issues as they stumble through schoolwork and personal life issues. Pretty standard stories of a superhero teenager.

The kids loved the story, but I found it a bit disjointed at times and had to check back to make sure a page wasn't missing. Felt like a panel or two had been deleted but no effort was made to keep the flow smooth, which is weird to read through. The artwork was fine. Pretty simple but added no real worth to the story.

As I said the kids loved it which is a plus, but for me, it was average at best.

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