Comic Review 224 // Superman Adventures: Lex Luthor

Can stop picking up these titles as I find them at the library. I've never been a fan of Superman, preferring my heroes to have flaws and issues. But I enjoy Lex Luthor as a villain, so I had to try this one out. 

Title: Superman Adventures: Lex Luthor, Man of Metropolis

Comic team: Mark Millar, Dean Motter & Evan Dorkin

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Blurb: As long as Superman has flown over the skies of Metropolis, one man has always sought to take the brave hero down Lex Luthor! But why does Lex hate Superman so much? See just how devious Superman’s greatest foe is as experiments with Kryptonite run amok. And Lex isn’t just Superman’s enemy here on Earth-their rivalry will take them to Apokolips and back, as seen in this collection of stories set in the world of the Superman: The Animated Series!

Collects Superman Adventures #27, #54-55, and #65-66.

Format: Paperback


Superman Adventures: Lex Luthor, Man of Metropolis, is a weird mix. It looks and feels like the old Saturday morning cartoons. The ones from the '90s or early 2000s? The Justice League era of comics. But the themes of the stories are heavy hitters; we have racism, hatred and villains beyond Lex to handle. It really delves into the very human issues that mould Lex.

Of course, the stories are Luthor-focused, but as mentioned, he is not alone. We get back up characters like Granny Goodness and Livewire, who do a great job of breaking up the tales. Overall a fine collection but definitely designed for a 10+-year-old audience.

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