Book Review 217 // Angels of Caliban by Gav Thorpe

I make it no secret that this book is possibly the trifecta of all the things I love about the Horus Heresy. We have Night Lords (1) vs Dark Angels (2) all written by Gav Thorpe (3). To say I am excited is downplaying it. Let's dive in.

Title: Angels of Caliban The Horus Heresy #38
Author: Gav Thorpe
Blurb: With the Dark Angels spread across a hundred systems, primarch Lion El’Jonson stands as Lord Protector of Ultramar – though his true motives are known to few indeed, and old rivalries on the home world threaten to tear the Legion in half. But when word comes of the Night Lords’ attack on Sotha, the Lion’s brutal actions bring Imperium Secundus once again to the brink of civil war. Not even the most fearsome warriors of the Dreadwing, nor any arcane secret of the Order, can guarantee victory if he sets himself against his loyal brothers.

Format: 328 pages, Kindle.


Got to say that was a great read. It had everything I love about this era of lore. We even got the origin story of the "Fallen" finally! And the Zahariel arc was shocking and deserving of a chef's kiss! Luther is going strength to strength in my opinion, such a great character! But that's not all.

Gav Thorpe has once again delivered an amazing Dark Angel story. But not only that he has managed to handle four different primarchs in this tale at once. It has a real War of Roses vibe about it with political intrigue and grudges starting to form. The three main Primarchs really are growing into their own arcs, with Guilliman becoming a political powerhouse/master manipulator (Depending on viewpoint), Sanguinius becoming more brooding and doubtful about the future and his role within it, then of course the Lion, warden, protector, want a be king. There is something very Macbeth about him and I can so easily imagine him attempting a coup! Then of course we have Kurze, completely broken by the civil war, seeking a death he knows he can't find but still he seeks it! The way he talks on trial is so good, in a galaxy of madness the mad man is the only sane voice. I love it!

Overall an excellent novel packed full with lore to keep a Dark Angels fan happy for life. Plenty of twists delivered and questions left unanswered. I can true feel that the story line is progressing and that the Siege of Terra is closing in. Excited for what is to come and sad to know it is ending.

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