Audio Review 113 // Eye of Terra: The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen (Short Story) by Guy Haley


We made the final story from the collected tales of Eye of Terra. We are finishing with a Guy Haley tale; let's see how it goes.

Title: The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen
Author: Guy Haley
Blurb: As Horus grinds the Imperium beneath his boot, emissaries from the XVIth Legion return to worlds sworn to the Warmaster during the Great Crusade to have them renew their fealty. With the Sons of Horus already at battle readiness over Sixty-Three Fourteen, a grim decision must be made...

Witness the brutal methods of re-conquest enacted by the Warmaster and the Traitor Legions as the war for humanity wages on. This Quick Read is a fascinating look at the changes the war has wrought in Horus and how he is viewed by the Imperium’s defenders.


Took me by surprise for sure. The title would have us focused on Horus. Instead, it is about a no-win scenario. A planetary governor with a glorious past of fighting in the crusades is given the difficult choice of joining Horus or being crushed under his might.

There are some really lovely points as the Governor looks at relics of his past and realizes that he will soon live or die by his choice. Will he be a traitor to the Emperor or an unsung dead hero? To make matters harder, he has to make a choice for an entire world. Can he doom them all?

A nice short with an exciting character focus. It is a very human tale and a great story of "what goes around, comes around".

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