Audio Review 112 // The Watcher by CZ Dunn

The cover on this audio book gives away nothing, all I know for sure is it involves a Space Wolf and the Knight Errants. Will we have a mystery themed tale?

Title: The Watcher
Author: Christian Z. Dunn
Performers: Gareth Armstrong, Jonathan Keeble, Toby Longworth, Kris Milnes and Saul Reichlin
Blurb: A shuttle returns to the Solar System bearing the sole survivor of a traitor attack – however, delirious and so close to death, his tale remains untold. Ison of the Knights Errant, formerly a Librarian of his Legion, delves into the mind of the warrior, and the truth of it will chill him to the core...

The Space Wolves once fancied themselves guardians over all Legions. Find out what happened to those sent to watch over the Night Haunter. Suffice to say, the Lord of the VIII Legion does not take well to guard dogs...

Running time: 20 minutes
Publisher: Black Library


A strange but interesting tale. As we know from other novels the Sigillete commanded Russ to create Watch packs. Groups of Space Wolves whos sole purpose was to join the other legion Primarchs and act as watchers. They would report back on what they saw and in theory deal out justice of a Primarch overstepped.

In this tale we learn the fate of one such group, the unlucky Sons of Russ who were ordered to watch of Konard Curze of the Night Lords. The story begins with a drifting shuttle, that when boarded was crewed (I use that term loosely) by a badly injured and tortured Space Wolf. The boarding party who located the marine just happened to be a group of Knight Errants and amongst their number was a psyker who manages to interact with the dieing marines memories and piece together what happened. 

To say it is a sad but unsurprising story is an understatement. The story though obvious was great, the sound and acting was on point and the action was brutal. I love a Night Lord story and one that bloodied the noses of Russ's dogs is 5 start listen for sure. I recommend for sure but be aware this doesn't add anything new.

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