Audio Review 111 // Wolf Hunt by Graham McNeill


Let's go! The cover alone on this title has me excited. Looks like a massive brute, maybe a non-armoured space marine fighting a Samurai? What on earth am I about to listen too?

Title: Wolf Hunt
Author: Graham McNeill
Blurb: A fugitive stalks the shadows of the Petitioner’s City. Though his fellow Outcast Dead are no more, the lone wolf Severian still intends to escape from Terra by any means possible – but the enigmatic hunter Yasu Nagasena is in pursuit. As news of the massacre on Isstvan V continues to spread and Severian’s trail doubles back to the place where it all began, both he and Nagasena must face some uncomfortable truths and an even more uncertain future.

A Horus Heresy audio drama by Graham McNeill. Produced by Heavy Entertainment for Black Library. Directed by Samuel Gunn. Music specially composed by Simon Slater. Narrated by David Timson. Performed by Gareth Armstrong, Jane Collingwood, Jonathan Keeble and Luke Thompson.


Okay, let's be clear this is a sequel to the Outcast Dead; it took me a hot minute to realize this. The story gives some much-needed closure to the earlier book that though left open, felt like we would never get the follow-up.

This tale has a lot to enjoy; our main characters, Nagasena and Severian, make for unique leads. Nagasena shows us a wise, gentle man who can be utterly lethal when the time comes. Paired off against Severian, an ex-luna wolf who is amazingly cunning and dangerous. Then dropping these into the backdrop of Terra is just the icing on the cake. I rather enjoyed seeing the Marine being chased and, for once, having to use some stealth to escape rather than fist and gun. 

Ultimately, it ends with a twist hinting at the new organization being created by the Sigillite. The galaxy's worst-kept secret. But if you are a fan of the Outcast Dead, then this is a must-read.

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