Audio Review 109 // Eye of Terra: Sins of the Father (Short Story) by Andy Smillie

Turns out I missed a couple of short stories from the Eye of Terror Anthology set. So let's get about fixing this issue.

Title: Sins of the Father
Author: Andy Smillie
Blurb: As Azkaellon and Amit duel in the ritual Tempest of Angels, the two favoured sons of Sanguinius learn something about their virtues and their weaknesses, of both themselves and each other.

Even during the age of the Horus Heresy, the twin nature of the Blood Angels is beginning to emerge. This story gives a rare glimpse into the mind of the Primarch Sanguinius, and into the fighting styles of his two chosen sons, both warriors who will be pivotal to the Legions future.


Oh damn, that was a short tale, lol! I can't recommend buying it on its own as it will be over way too fast for you to enjoy enough to earn its money. But don't get me wrong it is a great listen-to still. Offering rare insight into Sanguinius and his personal viewpoint on two of his greatest Captains. We get to experience the fear he has for his sons and how he might be able to alter their Legion's destiny.

It is a rather melancholy tale as we all know the Angel has the gift of foresight, can he see past his death and witness the darkness that stretches before his sons? Does he truly believe they can be saved? I just don't know, and I feel neither does Sanguinius.

I hope we get more from Andy Smillie as he did a great job on this piece.

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