Audio Review 106 // Army of One by Rob Sanders

Within the pages of the Silent War novel sits this Micro/tiny short story simply titled Army of One. No real hint of what it could be about, and the cover gives us zero clues - the first guess I had was about a navigator, but that made no sense with the title. So I had zero ideas of what to expect.

Title: Army of One
Author: Rob Sanders
Blurb: As civil war blazes across the galaxy, the hive world of Proxima Apocryphis turns traitor, and Malcador the Sigillite despatches punishment in the form of a living weapon…
Format: Audio (no affiliate link for this one, it is just way too short, go find it in Silent War).


Did I mention how short this is? Judging by how quick we got through it, it couldn't be more than 1000 words double-spaced! But the theme of the story is epic! An Imperial Assassin is despatched by Malcador to take revenge on the Planetary Governor of Proxima Apocryphis.

The story itself follows the Eversor assassin as he rampages toward his prey. We learn a little about this character to make it interesting, but not enough to care about anyone. It is a self-contained tale, that lacked meat. It doesn't have any spoilers or shock, it lacks depth, and when it ends, you just go meh?

I know Rob Sanders is a great author, they really should have given him more page space to explore the setting, the characters etc. Instead, it felt like a race to the end with no real details in between.

Do better Black Library and definitely don't charge $5 for this. Give it away for free!

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