Book Review 216 // The Path of Heaven: The Horus Heresy, Book 36 by Chris Wraight

Time for the final book review of 2022! It's time I feel to read a full-length book about the Horus Heresy, I've been treading the path of the audio junkie for too long. Unfortunately for me, the next book is a White Scar title which is a legion I have little love for. Wish me luck!

Title: The Path of Heaven (The Horus Heresy #36)
Author: Chris Wraight
Blurb: For too long had the Vth Legion ranged out beyond the sight of the wider Imperium, remaining ignorant of the Warmaster’s rebellion and the war that inevitably followed. Only once their primarch, Jaghatai Khan, had satisfied himself that the path before them was just and true did the White Scars choose a side, taking the fight to the traitors on every front. But, four years later, the Legion’s unfettered spirit has been broken by relentless attritional warfare against the Death Guard and the Emperor’s Children – the Khan’s Stormseers must find a clear route to Terra if they are to take part in the final, apocalyptic battle.


Yep, still not a fan of the White Scars lol. But that didn't take away from is a great novel. The novel has great pacing, with plenty of action and mystery to keep me intrigued throughout.

It's hard not to talk about these novels without releasing some spoilers so you have been warned (but also this is an old novel so those in the know, know already).

Up first you have hopefully read Scars the earlier title, if not start there. But it would seem the White Scars have been a busy legion. Due to always being on the outskirts of the known galaxy they have found themselves on the wrong side of the enemy lines. Always one to make the most of a bad situation the Khan has been using this chance to harass and destroy the Warmaster's supply lines. Unfortunately for them, this has finally annoyed the traitors enough and a hunting fleet has been sent out to destroy the White Scars.

This book does a great job of moving the story along, finally the plot moves once more! The author Chris Wraight is for sure a great writer, his work on the traitor forces in this title is amazing and makes me wish he would get a chance to do some of them instead of the Scars. I am glad I read this as it feels like a revitalization has taken place and it is time to push on!

Up next would be the Silent war but I am already working through that using audible, so it looks like Angels of Caliban is next, I'm excited for this one as I am a fan of the Dark Angels, the Nightlords and Gav Thorpe!

Audio Review 110 // The Herald of Sanguinius by Andy Smillie

Am I becoming a Blood Angel fan? I know it's hard to believe, but I have enjoyed these Sons of Sanguinius stories. To the point where I have just purchased a set of short stories on audible featuring mainly Blood Angel and Flesh Tearer stories set within the 40k verse. I also have a copy of the 2nd Edition 40k box set, which I feel is begging to be painted in the classic schemes.

But back to the review.

Title: The Herald of Sanguinius

Author: Andy Smillie

Blurb: Crowned as the new Emperor of Imperium Secundus, Sanguinius of the Blood Angels faces the very real threat of betrayal from within his new realm. As ever, it falls to his Sanguinary Guard to protect the primarch, and Commander Azkaellon must resort to the most dire of measures.

Not only is this story a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the Blood Angels Primarch, it also shines light on the origins of another well known character in the history of the IX Legion... 

Buy on Amazon


It's another short tale at just under twenty minutes long. But Smillie manages to squeeze in a lot of detail into this short amount of time. This feels like a prologue to another story, some currently unknown tale that hopefully Smillie is working on? Otherwise, it is just an amazing teaser piece for the 40k nerd in me.

Set within the Imperium Secundus, Sanguinius rest uneasily as tensions build among the mismatched gathered legions. Cracks are forming, and the weight of rulership is threatening to crush both Sanguinius and his sons. This is very obvious within the character Azkaellon leader of the Sanguinary Guard, who has to weigh protecting his gene father whilst attempting to help build a new empire.

This building tension is played out amazingly well within the story, before the reveal at the end. There is no big bolter action or fight scenes, just some true character development, that focuses on the bleak and dangerous setting of the civil war. We see the birth of a future hero for dark times, created in the dying embers of a golden age.

A solid listen, just needs a book to go with it!

Blood Bowl 2 League 3 - Union Elves vs High Elves


The first game in Blood Bowl 2 League 3 The Spring League - Union Elves vs High Elves Gameplay.

If you want to watch the rest of the season, click here: YouTube Playlist

Do you play this game? Reach out; let's have a match together.

I hope you enjoy it and will smash the like and follow buttons. Cheers

Comic Review 222 // Slaine the Wanderer by Pat Mills

Whoops, I have fallen behind on my Slaine reading and reviewing, I allowed the library finds to distract me for too long. But no more! Today we return to Slaine.

Title: Sláine: The Wanderer

Author: Pat Mills

Art: Clint Langley

Blurb: Tir Nan Og - the Land of the Young, a mystical place of myth and legend. Celtic warrior Sláine, the first High King of Ireland and Ukko his (un) faithful dwarf sidekick encounter everything from evil magicians and demonically-possessed maidens, to the bloody roots of modern day football, as they roam their world in search of adventure.


- The Gong Beater (Progs #1635–#1638)

- The Amber Smuggler (Progs #1662–#1665)

- The Exorcist (Progs #1709–#1712)

- The Mercenary (Progs #1713–#1714 and Prog 2011)

Format: E-Book - 112 pages


As mentioned in the opener I have let too much time pass between the reviews. But what a way to come back. A stand-alone graphic novel collecting four short tales. This is the perfect way to reintroduce me to the series. All the stories are created by Pat Mills so we know what to kind of expect and the art of Clint Langley which is always crazy and epic. I expect a fun read.

It was first of great to have Ukko back, he was absent from Invasions, and I missed him, so having him back in the downtrodden sidekick role was uplifting. The opening Tale 'The Gong Beater" was a fun light-hearted tale like the old Slaine. Seeing Ukko attempting to make some fast cash by turning an Old Cyth Tower into condos. Which ultimately goes wrong when the monsters start arriving.

This seems to be the theme of the book as we have a lot of old-school Slaine adventures, with them getting in trouble and fighting their way out again. It was a great reminder of where Slaine started off with humour and tongue-in-cheek fantasy stories, which have of late been replaced with darker tales. It was also full of cameos of old favourites, like Nest and the Guledig, who were actually nice touches as it showed some of the old characters still existed (it has been feeling like most of the characters had died at this point).

Ultimately if you are a fan of Slaine's early tales you will enjoy these. If on the other hand, you started with Invasions you may be wondering what happened to the heroic Slaine and why is the stupid Dwarf here (ha). The art was good and helps bring the stories to life, but I feel like something is lacking, maybe the palette of colours was dulled down too much? Overall a great refresher to the world of Slaine and I am ready for Books of Scars.

Let's Play Warhammer 40K : Space Marine - Episode 6 - Heart of Darkness


Heading back to Space Marines, the game of epic battles as an Ultramarine trying to stem the tide of an Ork Horde. It is time to dive into the sixth episode with level 7, the Heart of Darkness. Watch the rest of the series here: YouTube Playlist

This was a fun level. We found an underground warren of tunnels full of the Ork invaders. Got to battle our way back to the surface and excel in combat suited to the Marines, small spaces and close combat. Damn, this was brutal and bloody.

Hope you enjoy it!

Book Review 215 // Predator: Stalking Shadows by James A. Moore

Time to head back into a love/hate franchise: Predator. Over the years, the Predator series has tried to expand into novels, comics, and video games. Whilst it's received warmth and love in the comics and games industry, it has always struggled in novel format. Though personally, I've enjoyed a few of the older titles in the past. This title Stalking Shadows, is a prequel to a video game I have not played, so I am going in blind. Hopefully, I will enjoy myself and have some fun along the way.

Title: Predator: Stalking Shadows

Author: James A. Moore

Blurb: An action-packed prequel to the new IllFonic video game Predator: Hunting Grounds - revealing deeply buried secrets in the battle between the ultimate hunters and their human prey.

This official prequel novel leads into the new Playstation 4 video game from IllFonic. Predator: Stalking Shadows is the bridge between Predator 2 and the current day continuity. U.S. Marine Scott Devlin takes on a new assignment that begins with the clean-up of a Los Angeles combat scene revealing what appears to be alien weapons and tech. His next mission, to an equatorial jungle, seems like an assault on a drug cartel until his team finds human bodies, skinned and suspended from the trees. Justifiably freaked out, Devlin digs deeper and discovers hidden truths, clandestine agencies, savage opponents... and an unexpected ally.

Format: 336 pages, Paperback

Buy now from Amazon


First up, the bad news. This is a timeline-jumping novel. What I mean is we start in LA in the 1980s and end up in 2019/20. If you hate the 10 years later format, I recommend you avoid this story. This title works for me because I don't mind it when done well.

The feature of this title is Scott Devlin, a US Marine who has become increasingly embroiled within the secret web of the Hunters throughout his career. We experience chance meetings, random green liquid spilled and an accent, muscle bond special operative.

What I like about the novel is the fact that it doesn't focus on one event, one predator or one mission. Instead, we get a very well-thought-through character progression. It is great to go from a fresh-faced, want-to-save-the-world trooper, into a Spec Ops veteran, to a top-secret mission organizer. We learn about his comrades and brothers in arms, and we feel his loss, his excitement, and his anger. This is a very genuine and interesting way to create a predator story. It was refreshing for once to care about the humans in a Predator title, which sounds silly for sure.

I won't go too deep as there are spoilers related to movie plots, and I assume the game so I will end here. Overall a fun read, it captured human nature in a way I hadn't expected and is a great addition to the franchise. Go read it!

Audio Review 109 // Eye of Terra: Sins of the Father (Short Story) by Andy Smillie

Turns out I missed a couple of short stories from the Eye of Terror Anthology set. So let's get about fixing this issue.

Title: Sins of the Father
Author: Andy Smillie
Blurb: As Azkaellon and Amit duel in the ritual Tempest of Angels, the two favoured sons of Sanguinius learn something about their virtues and their weaknesses, of both themselves and each other.

Even during the age of the Horus Heresy, the twin nature of the Blood Angels is beginning to emerge. This story gives a rare glimpse into the mind of the Primarch Sanguinius, and into the fighting styles of his two chosen sons, both warriors who will be pivotal to the Legions future.


Oh damn, that was a short tale, lol! I can't recommend buying it on its own as it will be over way too fast for you to enjoy enough to earn its money. But don't get me wrong it is a great listen-to still. Offering rare insight into Sanguinius and his personal viewpoint on two of his greatest Captains. We get to experience the fear he has for his sons and how he might be able to alter their Legion's destiny.

It is a rather melancholy tale as we all know the Angel has the gift of foresight, can he see past his death and witness the darkness that stretches before his sons? Does he truly believe they can be saved? I just don't know, and I feel neither does Sanguinius.

I hope we get more from Andy Smillie as he did a great job on this piece.

Imperium Magazine Issue 10 - The Legion Assembles - Review & Battle Report


Imperium Magazine Issue 10 - Review & Battle Report - The Legion Assembles is the next installment as I run all 80 Battle Reports from the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium collection from Hachette Partworks and Games Workshop.

This will all be a part of the Imperium playlist: YouTube Playlist. Also, smash the subscribe button!

For each issue, I will bring you a fully painted battle report. Using that issues figures and rules. As well as a quick overview of the magazine. Got any questions, please do ask!

Imperium Magazine Issue 10 - is the second of the two-parter as we get to build an entire Necron ten warrior squad. I now have enough to play this week's battle report with these five warriors, made with the Gauss Reaper guns. 10 Necron Warriors vs the might of 3 Assault Marines! Will the Marines win, or can the Necrons get another win? Currently, the series is 7-2 to the Necrons, so the Marines need to start getting more wins.

Hope you enjoy it and will follow. Cheers!

Comic Review 221 // The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries, Vol. 1


Why can't I stay away from the comics at the Library? I have so many in my own collection begging to read, but here I am, picking up another fresh title.

Title: The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries, Vol. 1

Author: Ivan Cohen & Sholly Fisch

Art: Randy Elliott & Dario Brizuela

Blurb: The Dark Knight teams up with Scooby-Doo and the sleuths of Mystery Inc. in a series of adventures and mysteries!

It all starts when Batman discovers his original purple gloves are missing—Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo will have to go back in time to solve the case!

And when a ghost starts haunting the Batcave, there's no one like Scooby-Doo and Mystery Inc. to help Batman get to the bottom of it! Even if the ghost turns out to be did someone get into the Batcave to create a phony phantom?

Catch these adventures and more in The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mystery Vol. 1, collecting The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #1-6!

Publisher: DC Comics

Format: 128 pages, Paperback

Buy now on Amazon


Not the first time I have seen a Scooby Doo/Batman crossover. But definitely the first time I've been interested enough to pick it up. My youngest is really getting into Batman, so any chance to read the lighter versions of the Cape Crusader must always be taken!

This was definitely an interesting piece, as each issue/story had us travelling through the different eras of Batman's career. Starting in his earliest days all the way up to the "present". We get some child-friendly fun adventures with time-travelling included. Along with some reappearances of classic characters like Harvey Harris and Ace the Bathound. Also hidden among the artwork are nods to past adventures at even I as a part-time fan recognized.

The artwork was fun, it is very Scooby Doo and Hanna-Barbera, bright, colourful, engaging, and just perfect to get my youngest locked into the storytelling. They did justice to the entire series and the characters involved and it seems like it was produced by a team who truly cared.

Worth the read and I can forsee the youngest requesting it again soon!

Let's Play Warhammer 40K : Space Marine - Episode 5

The Lair of Giants. It is time to dive into the fifth episode with level 6, the Lair of Giants. Watch the rest of the series here: On my kickass YouTube Channel

This was a great level. We found and secured the Inquisitor, who looks badass! Then we travel through the forge to search for an unstable power source. During these travels, we discover the main Ork Warboss and his Weirdboy (who looks epic). This was definitely a fun level to play.

Who else is getting excited about Space Marine 2?

Audio Review 108 // Ghosts Speak Not & Patience by James Swallow

Wow, I am all over the place with these Horus Heresy short stories. I'm not even sure where I am in the timeline anymore. This week we head into the world of Nathaniel Garro (I thought I had completed his adventures), and try to land feet-first back onto the timeline.

Title: Ghosts Speak Not & Patience
Author: James Swallow
Two tales from the Horus Heresy

A former Sister of Silence and a Legionary once of the Death Guard embark on a vital mission for the Sigillite... one that will lead the former XIV Legion warrior back into battle alongside his old captain, Nathaniel Garro...

It's a look at the Death Guard who were imprisoned after their Legion's betrayal, and at how service to Malcador changes those who fight for the Sigillite... for better or worse.

When Nathaniel Garro carried word of the Warmaster’s treachery to Terra, he also brought with him seventy loyal sons of the XIV Legion. Distrusted by their kinsmen, they languished in seclusion on Luna... until now. Amendera Kendel, once a Sister of Silence but more recently in service to the Sigillite, gives Helig Gallor of the Death Guard a new purpose, and a new duty – one that will ultimately see him reunited with his former battle captain on the field of war.


Let's keep things simple and split this in two.

Title: Ghosts Speak Not

This was a very impressive short. We get a reintroduction to Amendera Kendel, formally a Sister of Silence, and a catch-up with the surviving Death Guard Marines from the Flight of Garro (Book 4). This was a needed follow-up adventure for the Deathguard, who had basically been written out of the series for 30+ books. We get interesting characters among them, and I hope we see more of them soon. But of course, Kendel is the star. Having broken vows with her Sisterhood and joining the Sigillite, is almost treated with as much distrust as the Deathguard. Her character is masterfully written and she will become a very interesting character for sure.

The plot was well executed and I'm very much enjoying being back in the Knight Errant arc again.

Title: Patience

Now the reason these two tales come back to back is that Patience is the sequel to Ghosts Speak Not. And is extremely short. One character from the above Deathguard called Gellor finally gets a run at a novel. Set on a ruined planet, that had sided with the Warmaster it shows what happens to those fallen from the Imperium's grace.

In a rare glimpse, we actually get to see how the war is changing the Imperium and those who hope to survive with it. It is a bit melancholic as we finally truly see how the Space Marines are coming to terms with the end of the era and the fact that they can never go back to the old way. One way or another the galaxy has changed and become a much darker unforgiving place.

Paired together these two tales make for a great listen, it is so interesting to see the Errants growing outside of what we knew of Garro. It was also nice to have other characters leading the way, as for such a big galaxy we seem to keep following a core group of "Heroes", well worth listening to.

Audio Review 107 // The Purge by Anthony Reynolds

Join me as I continue my crusade through the short listens of the Horus Heresy. This week sees us in the realm of the Word Bearers. This title is from the Silent War anthology and is written by the talented Anthony Reynolds.

Title: The Purge
Author: Anthony Reynolds
The Shadow Crusade spreads across Ultramar, with the Word Bearers 34th Company falling upon the isolated world of Percepton Primus. As the fighting draws out into a programme of extermination, embittered commander Sor Talgron begins to question his part in Lorgar’s grander scheme – for one who stood beside primarchs and high lords in the grand halls of the Imperial Palace, what glory can there now be in punishing Guilliman’s upstart sons? But the price of doubt is known all too well, and if the Word Bearers are ever to return to Terra in triumph then they must purge the last remnants of such unbelief from the face of the galaxy...


I do enjoy an author that treats the Word Bearers with some respect! I am pretty tidied of the Moustache twirling villains of fanatical religion, who die in droves. But luckily for me, Reynolds manages to keep them strong, important and of a rank deserving in 30k lore.

Reynolds did a great job of making a lineup of likeable characters in such a short space as well as making the main character Sor Talgron a true highlight of the piece. Sor Talgron actually ties into some 40k lore as the Warmonger, which is a name I recognize from some other 40k novels I hope to reread soon. But during this era he is a rare Word Bearer, he is full of honour, and not as zealous to the new religion as we have seen others. And his story is an enjoyable read.

Ultimately another great read from Anthony Reynolds. I'm ready for his next book.

Blood Bowl 3 - Beta Testing the AI system

I am privileged to have got my hands on a BETA key for Blood Bowl 3 by Cyanide Studio. As regular watchers would have seen, I have been enjoying BB2 for a while now, so twelve days of the new game was an offer I couldn't miss.

In this episode, I am testing out the AI team and playing a complete game. I hope you enjoy the peek behind the curtain and will like, comment, and follow on Youtube.


Comic Review 220 // Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters by Charles Soule

There is something so fun and magical about finding a comic at a library. I can't tell if it is just purely my excitement or the fact that you can see which comics are well-loved. Either way, I could not skip the chance to read this new-to-me Star Wars story.

Title: Star Wars (2020) #3 - War of the Bounty Hunters

Author: Charles Soule

Illustrator: Ramon Rosanas. Rachelle Rosenberg (Colorist)

Blurb: The hunt for Han! Chewbacca has heard from an old friend with intelligence on the location of notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett, who is in possession of the carbon-frozen body of Han Solo. Along with Luke Skywalker, the loyal Wookiee sets off in search of his lost friend, on an adventure to Nar Shadaa…better known as the Smuggler’s Moon! But this mission may prevent plucky astromech droid R2-D2 from passing along a crucial message to Luke — a message that will affect the fate of the entire Jedi Order! The saga of Star Wars continues to surprise!

COLLECTING: Star Wars (2020) 12-18

Format: 168 pages, Paperback

Buy now on


As is the case these days, I need to do my research, and it turns out this is part way through the series, collecting issues 12 to 18. Classic rookie move on my part. The story seems to be set in two parts, or this might just be the story's theme. But the first seems to focus on the Bounty Hunters, and the other seems to lean hard onto Luke.

Even though I dived in midway, I could appreciate the story arc still, which interestingly seems to be very focused on character development. We see Luke training and growing stronger; we also see him making mistakes and not being perfect, which is always nice to see in a character. It's also nice to have him struggling with the trauma of his Vader encounter, physically and mentally. It truly made him seem like a full character.

Then the other combo of Leia and Lando was great to read. Watching their relationship change throughout the story. They started off utterly distrusting one another to growing respect and, dare I say, a weird friendship? This was an interesting aspect as we watched Leia trying to function daily and be an all-inspiring leader whilst dealing with this longing loss for Hans. This is a painful aspect of the story, some people may not feel it whilst others will. Also, to match the arc, we discover a future hero's parents and experience them meeting for the first time.

All around a great story. It's definitely got me looking for the other titles in the series. And I can't give higher praise than that.

Imperium Magazine Issue 9 - Duel in the Depths - Review & Battle Report

Imperium Magazine Issue 9 - Review & Battle Report - Duel in the Depths is the next installment as I run all 80 Battle Reports from the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium collection from Hachette Partworks and Games Workshop.

This will all be a part of the Youtube Imperium playlist watch here and follow! 

For each issue, I will bring you a fully painted battle report. Using that issues figures and rules. As well as a quick overview of the magazine. Got any questions, please do ask!

Imperium Magazine Issue 9 - is a two-parter as we build an entire Necron ten-warrior squad. With the first five warriors getting built with Guassflayers. Without a whole team, we instead get an HQ vs HQ battle report! Will the Marines win, or can the Necrons get another win? Currently, the series is 7-1 to the Necrons, so the Marines need the win.

Hope you enjoy it and will follow. Cheers!

Book Review 214 // The Shining by Stephen King

Having a bit of a love-hate relationship with Stephen King, I go from enjoying a title to hating it within chapters to loving it once more. So I was intrigued to try out one of his more popular titles. I first grabbed IT, but then I saw the page count and ultimately shied away from it. Then I found the Shining and like most people, I have fond memories of the film so why not try it?

Title: The Shining

Author: Stephen King

Blurb: Jack Torrance's new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start. As the off-season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel, he'll have plenty of time to spend reconnecting with his family and working on his writing. But as the harsh winter weather sets in, the idyllic location feels ever more remote...and more sinister. And the only one to notice the strange and terrible forces gathering around the Overlook is Danny Torrance, a uniquely gifted five-year-old.


Right let us be clear, nothing I write will be groundbreaking. This book has been reviewed so many times that there is no clear way to review it. But here are my thoughts.

I love a haunted house story. Raised on Scooby Doo I just can't help but enjoy a story about a house or in this case a hotel that is possibly full of the ghosts of past guests that have died there. The hotel itself was the true highlight of the book as its cyclopean aspect suddenly becomes stifling and oppressive. Leading Jack down the path of madness. This feeling of confinement really hit me harder than I expected and took me by surprise.

Then the characters themselves in the written version are so much more in-depth, they are so much more interesting in the novel than in the film. You can't help but find yourself caring for each character fearing the worst for them and knowing full well what is going to happen does not make it any easier. The family dynamic was on point and their past drama only helps to build the tension as the snow sets in.

Then finally the simple horror of it all. There is no over-arcing boogie man to overcome, too grave to purify or even a doll to burn. This is just straight-up madness grabbing a loved one and turning them into a monster. No jump scares just complete mind fucks. The idea that a family member could just turn on you like Jack does truly terrifies me and I am a lot more concerned for my upcoming trip away at a Vermont Hotel now!

But it was in no way a perfect book, I found myself bored by some chapters. There were what felt like filler pieces that I found dull and wanted to skip. This once more led me to my Love-Hate of King novels as I found myself halfway through becoming bored, and struggling to pick up the book, then it all kicked off again and I was straight back loving it.

Damn it Stephen King, I can't workout if I love you or hate you!

Audio Review 106 // Army of One by Rob Sanders

Within the pages of the Silent War novel sits this Micro/tiny short story simply titled Army of One. No real hint of what it could be about, and the cover gives us zero clues - the first guess I had was about a navigator, but that made no sense with the title. So I had zero ideas of what to expect.

Title: Army of One
Author: Rob Sanders
Blurb: As civil war blazes across the galaxy, the hive world of Proxima Apocryphis turns traitor, and Malcador the Sigillite despatches punishment in the form of a living weapon…
Format: Audio (no affiliate link for this one, it is just way too short, go find it in Silent War).


Did I mention how short this is? Judging by how quick we got through it, it couldn't be more than 1000 words double-spaced! But the theme of the story is epic! An Imperial Assassin is despatched by Malcador to take revenge on the Planetary Governor of Proxima Apocryphis.

The story itself follows the Eversor assassin as he rampages toward his prey. We learn a little about this character to make it interesting, but not enough to care about anyone. It is a self-contained tale, that lacked meat. It doesn't have any spoilers or shock, it lacks depth, and when it ends, you just go meh?

I know Rob Sanders is a great author, they really should have given him more page space to explore the setting, the characters etc. Instead, it felt like a race to the end with no real details in between.

Do better Black Library and definitely don't charge $5 for this. Give it away for free!

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