Imperium Magazine Issue 8 - The Overlord Rises


Imperium Magazine Issue 8 - Review & Battle Report - The Overlord Rises. The next installment in my 80-part Battle Report series using the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium collection from Hachette Partworks and Games Workshop.

This will all be recorded in the Imperium playlist: YouTube - Playlist. Also, if you head over, give me a follow. It means the world.

For each issue, I will bring you a fully painted battle report. Using that issues figures and rules. As well as a quick overview of the magazine. Got any questions, please do ask!

Imperium Magazine Issue 8 was an incredible value-for-money piece for me. It comes with a CAD 36 Necron Overlord and 6 dice for the CAD 14 cover price. Great saving. Inside, we are introduced to the model and given a build and paint guide.

The battle report The Overlord Rises was great, brutal and quick. The Overlord has awakened and is now seeking to kill the three Aggressor Marines responsible for ruining this slumber. I made a few roll errors as I finally get used to the weapons having stats, but in no way that affects the final results.

Hope you enjoy it and will follow. Cheers!

Equipment I use in my filming: Blue Yeti Nano // Sony Alpha ZV-E10
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