Comic Review 219 // Judge Dredd: False Witness by IDW Brandon Easton

Seems like an age since I last read a Judge Dredd comic, I've been very much lost in Slaine and library finds of late. So when I discovered this IDW Dredd on a shelf at the local library I knew I had to grab it!

Title: Judge Dredd: False Witness

Author: Brandon Easton

Art: Kei Zama


Justice Academy drop-out Mathias Lincoln always survived by sub-legal means, but after uncovering a vast conspiracy, he finds himself pursued by legendary lawman Judge Dredd!

Get ready for a street-level look at justice in Mega-City One as one person fights to expose the darkest secrets of the rich and powerful in a thrilling mystery set against a backdrop of media manipulation and social unrest.

Format: 96 pages, Paperback

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IDW has truly turned real life into Judge Dredd piece. It saddens me that I can watch the news and see the same story being played out across the world. This is a classic piece of political/news satire. 

This has modern-day America written all over but of course, thrown into the world of Dredd. It's a classic story arc of a quest for a better life, and then the car crash of watching those dreams be crushed in a corrupt big city. 

The main character is interesting. Mathias Lincoln is a Justice Department drop-out, he only flunked due to being an illegal immigrant. Somehow he has managed to stay in the city and now acts as a fixer for rich clients. He will acquire anything you want for a price and not ask questions. Of course, he ultimately asks a question and soon finds out that Cursed Earth children are going missing throughout the immigrant sector. And it is somehow connected to his client.

As the questions get more confusing (as well as the story itself) we soon see the Justice Department is involved and Mathias is framed for the murder of a media personality who is anti-immigration. Trying to clear his name, Mathias must evade the city that hates him and the lawman hot on his heels...Judge Dredd.

Overall it has a pretty standard plot, but I fear the author lost track of where they were taking us. Midway through it felt pretty jumbled up and I found myself re-reading sections to clear up what was happening. Art was the saving grace and I was rather than back by a lot of it. The story has definitely reignited my need to read more Dredd. Just maybe not IDW versions.

Well as always let me know your thoughts and if you have read it.

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