Comic Review 218 // The Adventures of Spider-man: Radioactive

It's always a good day to read a little Spiderman! Spiderman is my son's favourite Superhero, slowly being challenged by Captain America. So to fix this unstart Cap from taking over, we read through this classic.

Title: Adventures of Spider-Man: Radioactive
Art Team: Joey Cavalieri (Text), Eric Fein (Text), Mike Pellowski (Text), Scott Proudfit (Text), Marie Severin (Illustrations), Jesse D Orozco (Illustrations), Wayne A Murray (Illustrations), Don Heck (Illustrations)
Blurb: Spider-Man takes on his classic rogues' gallery in these exciting adventures from his 1990s magazine, featuring a parade of guest stars from Captain America to the Hulk! Spidey must avoid the many arms of Doctor Octopus, but will he fall victim to Electro, Mysterio, the Scorpion and the Vulture? There's panic at the planetarium and a great train robbery to solve - but that's nothing compared to the horror of the Hobgoblin! Spidey and his old pal, the Human Torch, fly in the face of Doom, the X-Men pitch in when Magneto strikes, and Daredevil lends a hand against their mutual enemy, the Kingpin! And don't forget deadly encounters with Venom and Carnage! It's fun for the whole family in these never-before-reprinted, animated-style adventures!

Collecting: Material from Spider-Man Magazine (1994) 1-19, Spider-Man Magazine Special (1995) 1-2

Format: Paperback, 168 pages


Well, this was the perfect Spider-Man collection for younger readers. It was perfectly designed with children in mind. The dialogue is simple, and the artwork is easy to follow. Our stand-out tale was a Christmas piece where it's up to Spider-Man to save Christmas for a young boy and his out-of-work mother.

It's strange to think a lot of these came out in the 90s meaning they are all in their late 20s. It was enjoyable watching my son (3) point out characters, telling me their names and powers and the thought about how much-continued joy they bring to people really grounded me at the moment.

Ultimately collectors will enjoy these, and children will enjoy these. Random readers may not be as impressed. I recommend reading but go in with an open mind.

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