Comic Review 217 // Batman Adventures Batgirl: A League of Her Own

I am on a great run with these library finds. Not only are my kids greatly entertained but I am also getting back into the routine of reading comics. This weeks title has us heading back to DC and the Batman story arcs.

| Title: Batman Adventures: Batgirl-A League of Her Own
| Author: Paul Dini
Blurb: In these previously uncollected stories inspired by the hit Batman: The Animated Series, Batgirl swings across the rooftops of Gotham City alongside Batman, Nightwing, and Robin to battle the likes of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Ra's al Ghul. She even finds time to team up with her father, Commissioner Gordon, to catch two escaped convicts. Collects the all-ages Batgirl Adventures #1 and Batman: Gotham Adventures #8-9, #22, and 38!

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Format: Paperback, 152 pages


This is an excellent example of a collection of stories based around one character (take notes, Marvel). This title is once again designed with a younger audience in mind and also comes in a smaller format, around 8x5.5 inches. The only issue is that the content was not intended that way, meaning imagery and text suffer as they are squeezed down in size.

But inside these pages, we get a total of five solid stories. It would be easy to drag each one out into their blog post, but I won't do that to you. Instead, here are some highlights. The title tale is "A League of Her Own." Has Batgirl and Batman working together as they face off against the League of Assassins. This story was deep on multiple levels; we got to see Batman take on the mantle of mentor and ultimately let Batgirl make her own mistakes to learn a harsh lesson. It's great to read and see the good guys make bad life choices and how it affects them moving forwards. A great growth piece.

Then the other standout tale was Minute Differences. In this one, Batgirl teams up with her Dad, Commissioner Gordon and great portrayed the family ties and love shared between the two. It was a lovely filler piece, and very much enjoyed it.

For me, this was a well-thought-through collection. It took me straight back to the Batman: The Animated Series days and has given me the itch to rewatch them. Just have to wait for the kids to be a little bit older, as this cartoon was dark!

I hope you enjoyed the quick review and will see you soon for some more comics.

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