Comic Review 216 // Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel by Sholly Finch

I'm continuing my trend of library comic book reads that my children have picked.

Title: Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel
Author: Sholly Finch
Blurb: Carol Danvers is one of the most powerful super heroes on Earth. She's led Alpha Flight and the Avengers, and prevented more alien invasions than you can count. But she's about to hit big trouble - and even the mightiest heroes need help sometimes! These action-packed, exciting stories explore Captain Marvel teaming up with fan-favorite characters like Spider-Man and more!

Format: 112 pages, Paperback BUY via Amazon or support your local Library!


So Captain Marvel is a character I know very little about so I was hoping to learn something with this title. Unfortunately it is instead a bunch of random short stories with the Marvel characters all drawn in the same cartoony style as the cover.

Ultimately the stories are short, fun and cute. Perfect for little ones or young readers. There is nothing new here, but it does avoid all the series themes of the graphic novels aimed at an older reader. Mainly filled with light hearted action I would say this is more comical/humorous than action packed.

But it does have some faults. Firstly Captain Marvel is missing from a lot of the stories, what gives? It's named after her. Shame to have her as the title character and not actually 100% focus on her. Maybe there isn't enough stories for her? Then the stories are painfully predictable, my five year old could see the plot ending coming, it needed some surprise ending for sure. We follow up this with the jokes, there is a lot of inside references that new fans wouldn't get or kids in general might not understand. Also some of the jokes seemed very dated like the newspaper style comics, I personally haven't bought a newspaper is so long, my kids didn't get the reference at all. And finally the lack of imagination when it came to the stories. Being predictable is one thing but I am starting to feel like I have read the same stories multiple times not, just with the characters or villains swapped out for a different one. This maybe just me as I've read a lot of comics of late.

Final thoughts for this title. Its a solid okay. Fun, but not special. A little misleading with the title, felt a little bit like a filler comic. But at the end of the day it is meant to entertain the kids, and I can confirm it did just that.

Cheers for reading.

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